I got my start running businesses at the young age of 16 when my ballet teacher died suddenly.

Her husband wanted to carry on the legacy of his wife’s success and asked me and another girl who took classes there if we wanted to start teaching classes and learning about the business.  It was the only studio for 75 miles and had over 100 students enrolled.

It was the first time I had the idea that maybe I could make money doing what I loved!

How cool is that!

But I soon realized that loving to dance, teaching dance and running a successful business require completely different skill sets.

Instead of buying into the lie that I couldn’t learn those skills, I decided to study business in college and apply what I was learning to the Yoga & Pilates studios I worked at through college.

During the next decades I applied all I had learned in school to ‘real world’ situations and was confused when something worked for one client but didn’t work for another.  How could it be that they got different results when doing the same activities?

Oh and did I mention that the internet & social media was completely changing how businesses approached sales & marketing?

This lead me to study metaphysics, energy, consciousness etc.

I was at an event in 2005 where we were being taught to “Find Our Purpose”, and I got this clear download that my purpose was to help entrepreneurs learn to LOVE Marketing & Sales.  It was to help them understand how vital it was to changing the world.

At the time I didn’t think I was cool enough to have a superpower of healing like they did but I knew that work was important to get out into the world.  I’m so grateful for all the healing modalities that I’ve used over the years to support me in finding more ease, joy and glory.

So I dedicated myself to learning how to integrate what I’d learned in business school and communicate that to someone who understood energy, consciousness and those sorts of woo woo topics.

As always the Universe provides and I found many students to teach and try out my strategies with and they were all completely blown away with the way I approached the topics of marketing & sales and so my Client Magnet Alchemy system was born.

While you may know me from other articles teaching about specific techniques or strategies to get more clients & make more money at the heart of ALL this is a strong foundation of tapping into the energy, the space & the consciousness that’s required to be a know, be and perceive more impact & income than you ever thought possible.

I know now, I’ve got a super healing power for businesses!  I can see where the energy is stuck or needs to be recalibrated to be super successful and by hanging out here you’ll get more of a sense of that energy too!

I can’t wait to see what possibilities we create!

Before we dive into details – let’s take a quick look at what each of these words mean because I choose them with great care to help facilitate the transformation that’s neeeded to turn you from someone who hates marketing & sales into someone who finds it total ease, joy & glory.


Hopefully this one is quite obvious. If you’re in business, you need people who pay you money for the product/service you provide.

My intention for you is to learn how to attract clients who are a joy to work with, do exactly what you tell them to do, get results better than you imagined possible, and do lots of referring.


The magnet part is where the magic happens. Instead of having to spend a lot of time out at networking events or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, what if you had a steady stream of qualified prospects lining up ready to work with you?

Being magnetic yourself is great but if you want to make more and work less you have to be able to create a magnet that doesn’t involve any of your ongoing time/effort


Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

The other term I want to define for you is Framework. I am intentionally using this term instead of the traditional blueprint, formula or system because I want you to learn how to create the magic yourself.


Framework is a structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.

I’m sure many of you have purchased your share of information products claiming to be THE SOLUTION to all your marketing woes and worries only to find the product collecting dust on your bookshelf or taking up space in the Cloud.

My interesting point of view is that if you understand the framework and empower yourself to choose what’s right for you, your success will be magical.

Sound good? Check out my AMAZING 4 -Part Video Training Series below.

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