A huge part of the growth of women entrepreneurs stems from more women feeling empowered to ‘Make Your Mess Your Message’ and to get out there and ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’.

Moving from wanting to make an impact to knowing what action to take to make the impact can feel quite overwhelming with all the options there are out there. In this article I share with you the 5 steps I walk my clients through to start using LinkedIn Pulse to make an impact on women entrepreneurs.

It’s my hope that by educating more women entrepreneurs of the power of LinkedIn that more of the conscious entrepreneurs will find their way into influencing the conversation that’s happening on the biggest professional networking site.

Find the Conversation

There is already a lot of conversation going on inside LinkedIn, specifically within the LinkedIn Pulse App. In fact there are more than 130,000 unique and original articles published each week in the LinkedIn Pulse ecosystem. This content is divided into 50 channels that help LinkedIn organize its content and help readers get targeted recommendations.

Top 6 Channels to Follow for Women Entrepreneurs

Here are my recommendations for channels you should follow if you are interested in making an impact on the conversation that is already happening around women entrepreneurs.

  1. Leadership & Management (23,398,717 followers)
  2. Big Ideas & Innovation (20,624,379 followers)
  3. Entrepreneurship (15,539,195 followers)
  4. Professional Women (13,587,681 followers)
  5. Social Impact (3,365,779 followers)
  6. Management & Consulting (2,401,873 followers)

Top 6 Influencers to Follow for Women Entrepreneurs

Here are my recommendations for channels you should follow if you are interested in making an impact on the conversation that is already happening around women entrepreneurs.

  1. Liz Ryan
  2. Sallie Krawcheck
  3. Betty Liu
  4. Naomi Simson
  5. Barbara Corcoran
  6. Arianna Huffington

Make Digesting Content with the LinkedIn App a New Habit

Congratulations you are now about to be bombarded with content each and every time you open up the LinkedIn Pulse app. It’s enough to make you purposely forget to open up the app for fear of overwhelm! Thanks Mande for adding one more thing to my ‘to do list’!

But you’re on a mission right? To get out there and make an impact on the conversation that’s already happening and start letting your voice be heard right? You’re tired of playing small and being irritated at what’s happening in the world right?

Can I invite you to learn to ask a more empowering question?

First let’s start with, “What else is possible?” (…besides overwhelm)

Then “I wonder what it would take to create a habit of opening up the LinkedIn Pulse App and playing with all the fun, excited and passionate people who are out there sharing who they are and what amazing things they are up to?”

And “I wonder what it would take to learn to engage with the content I’m reading more than just passively clicking “LIKE”?

And perhaps “I wonder what it would be like to let go of the fear I have about being judged for my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions? I wonder what it would feel like to not care and to only focus on those people who appreciated the light I was shining and the potholes my sharing could help them avoid?”

Spending Quality Time With the LinkedIn App

Deciding how to make time for ‘one more thing’ can be made easier if you break it down into more manageable pieces.

For example, you can browse the LinkedIn app when you’re waiting in line and just make note of the articles that you want to spend more time reading later.

By simply clicking the “Bookmark” icon on the article you want to read you can ‘Save’ the article to read later. After you read it you can remove the bookmark.

For myself I have also found that putting time on my calendar each week for ‘Browse LinkedIn Pulse content’ and ‘Engage with LinkedIn Thought Leader content’ helps me make sure this item gets checked off my list and not forgotten about completely.

Allocating Time to Engage

Becoming a thought leader on any subject requires you to learn a new set of skills. Making time to gather your thoughts and reply is a skillset that must be mastered. I find most of the entrepreneurs I work with struggle with this task at first. Mostly because they want instant gratification and forget to enjoy the journey and celebrate each and every win along the way.

Trust yourself that you’ll learn from whatever happens.

Trust that everything is always working out for you.
These two anchors of trust can help you overcome feelings of perfectionism that lead to procrastination so return to them as needed.

Ideally I’d recommend 15-20 minutes a day at least 3 times a week for commenting on articles you have read by thought leaders in the women entrepreneur field. Add this up over a few weeks along with some focused attention on what you truly desire and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can out create yourself and what you dared to believe was possible.

Bonus Tip: Expanding Your Impact

My last recommendation for someone looking to make an impact among women entrepreneurs is to do whatever it takes to keep yourself connected to choosing consciousness as much as possible.

I practice taking any negative thought I might have about this writer or that topic and use it as an exercise to pivot towards a better feeling thought that creates more possibility in the world. Staying in question helps this process immensely.

This is especially critical if you feel any doubts or fears about people receiving you as a thought leader. A lot of us had our subconscious brain trained that we were to ‘be seen and not heard’ or some variation on that. You can’t change the world if you let yourself be ruled by your subconscious thoughts.

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