This reality is a huge perpetrator of the lies of business, and it’s why so many people are frustrated with marketing, sales, and transforming their passions or hobbies into a full-fledged business.

I know I’ve suffered from pontificating on these confilcting points of view myself for decades.

Recently, I found a way of being with my business that is totally fun and gives me a lot more freedom and wanted to share some of these insights to see if they ring true for you.

Could you be unknowingly functioning from some of these lies?

Just a little conflicted about how to make something else than what you know to be true a reality?

Lie #1 – Your Business is an Unconscious Object That Should Bend to Your Will.

What if your business IS actually conscious?  What if it knows what is best for it?  The idea that we should “have dominion” over our business springs from outdated points of view.

Does that seem heavy or light to you?

How much of a superior attitude do you have to take to believe that?

Has that attitude ever worked for you?

Once we acknowledge that our businesses are consciousness, all kinds of new possibilities (the P in our P.R.O.F.I.T.S, Method) open up.

Partnering with our businesses, instead of trying to lord over them, takes us from the place of antagonism to a space of cooperation.

Can we over ride our business and it’s know?

Absolutely, though the results are seldom what we think they should be and the results seldom last.

What if you honored your business rather than exercised power over it?

How much change that change for you?

Lie #2 – The Experts Know More Than You Do About How You Should Treat Your Business

Why should anyone know more about what’s good for your business than you? Doesn’t the idea of imposing someone else’s regime on your business seem a little ludicrous?

Most of us were taught early on that we can’t trust ourselves to know what we know, and we should always trust the “experts”.  This insures that we will be able to be controlled, and that we never step into the communion that’s possible with our business.

What if you were willing to begin to know what was true for you, which includes the capacity to communicate with and listen to your business?

What if you became your own ‘expert’?

Lie #3 – Being an Entrepreneur Requires Willpower.

Willpower is a highly touted concept in this reality but let’s take a closer look at what it actually entails.

The idea implies that we should come to a decision, then impose it with what amounts to force, effort and violence on ourselves  (and our bodies) or our business.

Notice there’s no question in ‘willpower’, nor is there any possibility of change.

How well do you respond when someone tries to force something on you?

If you’re like most of us, forcing creates a huge amount of resistance and a kind of “to heck with you” attitude!

Using willpower also necessitates us overriding and cutting off our knowing, if it contradicts what we have already decided we should do.

If you use will power in connection with your body, what are the chances your business is apt to do what you want it to do?

Probably slim to none!

All that willpower does is to set up resistance and reaction and a battle.

Are you willing to let go of willpower in favor of question and knowing?

These are just three of the many lies that this reality perpetrates about entrepreneurship.

Whether it’s about how to get clients or how to make money, learning how to stop judging our business creates a completely different possibility.

What if business wasn’t difficult?

The truth about business is that it’s really about judgment.

It’s not about reality.

It’s a judgment.

It’s a judgment that was created by others based on what they decided was business that actually has nothing to do with what’s true for you.

What does your business want to be or do that you’re not acknowledging?


Did you know I started running businesses when I was just 16?

My dance teacher died suddenly one day…and since it was the only studio around for 100 miles the dance teacher’s husband said to me,

“Mande, since you LOVE ballet, you should teach and help me and one of the other girls run the studio!”

It felt like a cool opportunity!

I felt so grown up and different than all the other kids who were working retail jobs or at restaurants.

I was getting paid to do what I loved! I got to hang out at the studio and share what I loved with others and watch their love for the craft unfold covered in sequins, chiffon and tulle!


Do you remember being 16? 

The world full of possibilities of a fabulous life doing whatever you loved to do?

I know I watched my dad travel 40+ weeks of the year and miss out on the day-to-day routines of my childhood just to make ends meet. He wasn’t doing what he loved and I don’t think that was an option for him at the time. He was doing what he could do be a great provider.

Looking back I can see that the contrast of wanting to do things differently shaped a large portion of my decisions at the time.

Oh yea and also during that time, my body started to talk to me really loudly (besides just being a hormonal teenager) with debilitating pain in my knees and spine. The doctors talking about surgery to fuse my vertebras and reconstruct my 16 year old knees!! WTF!?

That meant for sure my dancing career was over.

Since I’d been studying ballet 3 nights a week since I was 2, the entire foundation of my reality was crumbling like an earthquake.

I shifted to wondering whether I could redesign my life’s dreams of being on stage and performing for others could be fulfilled running a dance studio in a small East Texas town.

But I knew deep down – that life wasn’t for me. No way did I want to live in a small town. I wanted to see the world! I wanted to be the performer… the entertainer…the one who got all the applause and standing ovations!


One of the lessons I learned while running the dance studio came from the studio owner’s husband…

Just because you LOVE what you do doesn’t make you a good business owner.

Those are two very different skillsets.

He reminded me that just like learning to dance on pointe required discipline and focus – learning to run a business could be an acquired skill too but would require my commitment to it's mastery.

It was time to focus more on my high school studies and get go get a business degree then I could come back to doing what I loved…or help others make money doing what they loved.

I’ll save the details of how that story unfolded for another post but today I wanted to pop by and share little bit more about my story in case it helps you get further along your path faster.


I don’t care if it’s Energy Healing, Coaching, Accounting or a never-before seen combination of modalities and experiences that you want to make money sharing with the world.

You can do what you love and make money at it AND you can learn to love different things.

The difference between doing what you love and getting paid to do what you love –requires learning a new set of skills that might seem scary at first but are totally possible for you to master.

By hanging out here in our Expand Your Impact Community, you'll learn about others who are on this journey and how they've overcome their initial fears about 'sales & marketing' and 'being visible & vulnerable'.  Plus we've got A LOT of actionable tips for you to test out your new skills and uncover new capacities for growth and and maturity.

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