After years of helping so many amazing entrepreneurs get clients, speaking gigs, sponsors, joint venture partners and more from their social media presence, I’ve put together an overview of what’s required to be successful.

First off let’s get ourselves clear of anything that stands in the way of achieving social success and expanding our impact & income!

What energy, space & consciousness must my body, my business and I be to increase my visibility and profitability among my growing social network with total ease?  Anything that doesn’t allow that…Run the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement” which you can find at

Now let’s get into what needs to be DONE to create this.

Let’s start with Social Listening.  Social Listening is all about managing your reputation and the reputation of your brand.  When was the last time you “Googled” yourself? Do you like what you see?  I do this will

all new clients and OMG the things I’ve seen and had to help get cleaned up.  If you need more help with managing your online reputation then check out my Reputation Magic Bullet so you can start managing your reputation rather than letting it manage YOU.

Next,  you’ll want to get with your team on creating a social listening strategy that increases retention.  The easiest way I advise clients on doing this is to create lists on all the social networks they are a part of of their clients.  Make it a regular habit to “LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT ON” your clients (and maybe even prospects) social media content.  It’s taken you a lot of hard work to build up your community and the added visibility to your network won’t go unnoticed!

If you are watching for what gets said about you on social media then you can help reduce refunds by identifying what problems people are having with your products & services! It can also help you identify product & content gaps.  Every single time I work with clients through even a process like this – and they ask a question based on their own understanding of reality it helps me to create new content to help them understand and implement faster.


The 2nd part of Social Success is Social Influencing.  Social influencing starts with activities that are designed to increase engagement in the content that's posted & then get people to move FROM the social network to your website where they can interact more with you, your content and your product & service offerings.  Your website is one of your most vital marketing assets and time should be spend every week looking at how many people visited your website and from where so that you can track and tweak what's working.

Moving people from a social network to your website also allows you to grow your retargeting lists.  Retargeting very simply is those banner ads that seem to follow you no matter what website you go to after you've been shopping for shoes or dog food or whatever.  Imagine the perceived impact a prospect would have if they were followed around the web by a banner ad of YOU!

So how do you create these social influencing kids of posts? Click here to check out my article on the 12 Best Calls-to-Action For Your Social Media Posts.


Part 3 of Social Success is all about Social Networking.  It's what most people expect BUT most people get way wrong because they get all caught up with what it means to 'online network'.  As I coach my Social Selling Implementation Lab clients, it's not much different than in the 'real world'!

Make it a habit to request to connect on each social network you are maintaining everyone you meet in real life. That means after (or during) a PTA meeting or your kids soccer game you are looking to connect with the on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram &  YouTube.  OR, you're sending your assistant the contact info of your new friend to do it for you!  I LOVE Nimble CRM because as soon as I put in someone's email address it finds them on all the social networks and lets me connect with them with total ease.

Next make it a habit to find new people to connect with. For example if you are looking to get clients locally then make sure you're following all of the businesses that have the same sort of clients as you do and follow their followers! This is especially easy to do on Twitter & Instagram.  In fact it's one of the strategies Anne used to have her $35,000 month with Twitter!



Part 4- Social Selling! The part you've been waiting for!  Can I have the Money NOW please!!??

While it is super nice to see the alert from Paypal that "You've Got Money!" I find it's helpful to remember everyone makes decisions at their own pace and it's our job as Conscious Entrepreneurs to tap in to the Energy, Space & Consciousness that we need to be in order to get them to know we can help them when they are ready.

Being connected with them socially is the first step.

Then you must get them to your email list and nurture them with really great content they feel like you wrote just for them. They should think "Are you in my head?". And you'll smile knowing how much of your own way you had to get in order to BE the space to connect with in.

After someone is a customer of yours sometimes your social status updates can encourage cross sells, upsells and overall buyer frequency.


Want this pretty 4-Part Social Success Cycle PDF to print out and hang next to your computer? Simply click here.

Want the question at the top of the page as an audio you can listen to in the background ALL the time to keep you clear of anything that might hold you back? Simply click here.

Want some support crafting a social media plan that's profitable? Check out my Social Selling Implementation Lab.






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