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Quizzes are enormously popular. Qzzr, a network for quizzes, recently reported a 330% month-on-month growth rate. OkDork reported that 8 of the 10 world’s most shared articles in the first months of 2017 were quizzes. Buzzfeed’s popular “What City Should You Actually Live In” quiz has been taken by over 20 million people. What accounts for the wild popularity of online quizzes in recent years? Here are some of the reasons quizzes are so effective as content.

Quizzes Encourage Engagement

Quizzes are addictive. They have a way of hooking people. When a quiz comes across your Facebook feed with an interesting title, you can’t help stopping whatever you’re doing and taking the quiz.

The reason quizzes are so engaging is that people get actively involved when they take one. People passively watch videos, read text-based content, and look at images. But you have to think a little to complete a quiz, so the quiz taker is interacting with your content.

Quizzes Use Gamification

Quizzes use the concept of gamification, which means adding game elements to a task to make it game-like and fun. If you gamify a work task, for example, it makes you feel like you’re playing a game, even if the task is the most mundane work you must do. The game elements create motivation. We all perform better when we’re having fun. This is another reason for the allure and natural engagement of quizzes.

Quizzes Are Personalized

A quiz answers a very basic human desire – the desire to express yourself and be heard. Everyone wants to give their opinions. This gives a quiz an inherently personal aspect. Since people naturally enjoy giving their opinions, they’re more likely to take online quizzes than interact with other types of content.

Some quizzes are not informational but geared toward personality types. These are the ones you see that say something like “What Type of Sandwich Are You,” “Which Country Do You Belong In,” or “How Good Are Your Bargain Hunting Skills.” The quiz not only asks you about yourself, but also evaluates your personality and tells you about yourself. This appeals very highly to the nature of social media and the information-seeking side of the internet in general.

Easy to Share

Online quizzes are shared like crazy and often go viral. This is because of the engagement, personalization, and gamification mentioned above, but also because they’re perfectly designed for social media content. A good quiz is quick and easy to take. You get results within a minute of starting. Most quizzes give you the option of sharing your results on social media, and this is irresistible. When your friends see your quiz results, they naturally want to take the quiz themselves.

Shared quizzes on social media are also conversation starters. Your friends will compare their results and discuss with each other, which means more engagement with the content.

Excellent for Lead Capture

Like other forms of online content, quizzes are great for capturing leads and bringing people into your sales funnel. You can get your quiz takers to sign up for your email newsletter or follow you on social media easily once the quiz is done. Quiz platforms offer the option of forcing quiz takers to sign up in order to see their results. Another option is to offer a free incentive for taking the quiz. All of these tactics can be used to bring people on to your list of leads.

Data Gathering

You can fashion your quizzes in such a way that they become a tool for gathering data about your target market. Create a quiz that asks questions about the person’s opinions, but which also tell you how they shop, what they like in a product, what they’re looking for, what brands they love, and so on.



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