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Hey beautiful BE-ing!

I see you.

Your passion, your drive, your desire to change the world.

I see all you’ve been through and how perfectly it’s lead you to where you are now.

(And can I just say, WOW! No one, can create, quite like you!)

I know you think I’ve been playing games with you.

I know you think you have to work HARD to get me.

I know you try to ‘learn more’ or ‘get better’ in order to deserve me.

I know you feel frustrated, annoyed and angry with me (and then you feel bad about yourself for doing so)!

I’m aware you don’t trust yourself to want MORE of me because you think you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment. (I see how easy it is for you to run scenarios through your head of all the times you’re right about this and can’t easily come up with times it’s not your truth).

I see you.

I’m so grateful for you, being you.

But I don’t sense the mutual affection and appreciation.

And since it feels like we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot, I’d like to re-introduce myself…

Hi, I’m MONEY.

You might have thought of me as gold, a car, a mansion on the beach.

Or perhaps you thought of me as as energy exchange or a medium of exchange but I’m more than that, just like you!

I’m ONLY energy, just like you.

As we start this new year, I’d like to take the first step and invite you and I to have a completely different relationship.

I’d like to help you let go of all of the points of view you have about me that keep us from playing together more.

I’d like to invite you into knowing there is NO separation between ME & YOU.

I’d like to invite you into knowing there is NOTHING wrong with you or me.

I’d like to invite you into stopping the self-sabotaging behaviors you spend time beating yourself up about.

I’d like to invite you into empowering yourself to trust, that you know how to create a life & living beyond what anyone else has created and that’s perhaps is why you haven’t created it before.

I’d like to invite you into perceiving the possibilities for multiple-money flows that actualize with total ease for you.

Would you be interesting in having a relationship with me on those terms?

Before you commit, let me also say something really, really important.

Please stop trying to do it like everyone else.

You & I have a path we’re forging that looks completely different than anyone else’s.

You & I have miracles to actualize far beyond what you ever thought possible. (Will you trust me enough to prove, I really do have your back?)

I’d like to invite you into an opportunity to change your relationship with me over the next 21 days, to employ & embody THE TOOL that will change everything.

Those nerdy scientists have a point of view that if you do something for 21 days, you’ll rewire your brain to overcome those subconscious roadblocks you distract yourself with and start to embody your true nature.

To stop you from taking this so seriously, I give you full permission to take at least 15-30 minutes each day to play together in ways that will release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and heal your emotional wounds. Oh and start to actualize more money than you ever thought possible.

Possibilities like:

  • High-Ticket Clients showing up as if by magic!
  • More money in your bank account than you thought possible!
  • Passive income streams that require NO EFFORT to actualize!
  • eCommerce sales beyond belief!
  • Direct sales downlines EXPLODING!
  • Private sessions booked and waiting lists created!

What possibility with money do you dare to create? (It’s ok to tell me, I bet you, I’ve already got it coming your way – I was just waiting for you to ask and use THE TOOL to get out of your own way in allowing it to actualize because it’s WAY more fun when we co-create this way!)

In Morning Money Magic you’ll receive:

  • 21 Daily Guided Audio Exercises to perform each morning (5-10 minutes) to reconnect you to Source and release a chunk of gunk that holds you back from this divine nature
  • 21 Daily Guided Journal Exercises to perform each day (5-10 minutes) to help you reflect on the tiny, yet powerful shifts you are making along this journey
  • 21 Daily Guided Meditation/Energy Pull exercises (5-10 minutes) to listen to each night before you go to bed so you use your sleeping time to rest & rejunvenate.
  • 3 Group Q&A Calls
  • Closed Facebook Group with unlimited support and weekly Q&A’s
  • Morning Money Magic Journal

As a Bonus you’ll receive:

  • Access to Morning Money Magic Vault ($997 Value)
  • Complimentary Show Me the Profits call with Mande ($997 Value)

I can’t wait to see what magic we can create together!

I can’t wait to show you, how by using THE TOOL, money will actualize as if by magic!

Your 50/50 partner in actualizing millions,

The Energy of Money

P.S. April call dates 4/10 @ Noon ET, 4/17 @ Noon ET, 4/24 @ Noon ET


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