Being You Being Money


Are You Ready to Completely Shift Your Relationship To Money From One of Drama, Trauma and Lack to One of Ease, Joy and Glory?

Money drama and trauma show up in two areas in an entrepreneur’s life.

First it shows up in your own life.  What have you told yourself “I don’t have the money for that” about lately?  Do you not have enough money to hire the support staff you’d like to? Do you not have enough money to work with that coach you’d like to or participate in a mastermind program?  Or maybe you feel like you don’t have enough money to ‘waste’ on Facebook ads or something of the like.

Second it shows up in your prospects.  Let me first warn you that ANY money beliefs YOU have will show up in your prospects objections until you learn to see the truth and the lie attached and help them sort out what is what.  If you belief that this entrepreneur journey is one your soul asked to be on, to lead you to greater consciousness you’ll start to see just how powerful the conversations you’re having with your prospects are signs of the work you need to do on your end to clear up those limiting beliefs.

During this 3-part program, I’ll walk you through some powerful tools you can use everyday to start to identify where in your own life you are giving away your power to money and allowing your prospects to give away their power.

I’ll help you step into a space of place of being able to receive MORE and teach you how to hold that space for your clients. It’s a very sacred space and I can’t wait to share with you the feeling you’ll get from experiencing it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt – but something your soul has long been asking for.

We’ll also be talking about DEBT…and your beliefs about it…good/bad, right/wrong, etc.  And I’ll be inviting you into a new better feeling possibility around this subject.  I remember so clearly how my stomach would ache and my heart would be heavy at the thought of seeing the credit card statements each month when it was time to make the payments. I remember the feeling of drowning and hopelessness. All these negative emotions keep you in a cycle of drama and trauma. What would being able to see and feel yourself out of that situation do for you and your future!? What else is possible here you never, even imagined!

Lastly, I’ll teach you how to have some fun with all of this! How does it get any better than this?

  • 3 CALLS RECORDINGS – Listen to on the web or download to your computer or device.
  • Written Clearings – Use these written clearings to record in your own voice and play on a loop for faster results.
  • Audio Clearings – Listen to these clearing loops as often as possible for faster results.
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