Being Enough: From Pathetic to Potent


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What would it take for you to step up to the intensity of potency you can truly be?

Your ability to expand your impact will come from your ability to stay totally aware, to know that you know and to know that you have total choice.

True Potency comes by:

  • Being the space of possibility that is a different possibility.
  • Destroying & un-creating everything that you created that creates limitation.
  • Being willing to be everything and to receive everything.
  • Being willing to be as different as you truly are.

How much more could you have- if you were willing to receive the greatness of who you truly are?

This is work that happens at the energetic level.

While there may be inspired actions to take at some point, 95% of the WORK comes from mastering the art of pivoting from any energies we use that keep us playing in states of pathetic.

This Master Class is only for those who are interested in being willing to give up their stories of ‘I’m too much’ or ‘I’m not enough’.

The purpose of this Master Class is to empower to you to have way to much fun figuring out what that looks like for you.

You my beautiful BEing are already enough.

You’ll receive…

  • Instant Access to Audio Recording
  • I.M.P.A.C.T. Playbook & Journal Pages
  • Energy Exercises (done during Zoom) separated on audios for ongoing use

As a bonus you’ll also receive…

  • Mande’s Personal recalibrate audio loop



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