Becoming Energetically Aligned With Higher Rates in 2020


If you’d like to charge more for your sessions, workshops & programs this year but just less than 100% confident with how to do it, you probably have some sort of energetic block around it.

Everything is energy right?

How much of the time are you feeling like getting clients, making money is just ease & joy for you?

I’ve seen it with every client I’ve worked with over the last decade and have experienced it myself EVERY TIME I uplevel my business.

It might feel like these emotions (Energy in Motion)…

  • Anxiety (would someone actually be happy to pay me $X?)
  • Overwhelm (I’ll have to do so much MORE if I charge $X)
  • Frustration (I’ve tried to raise my rates before…and failed)
  • Anger (I can’t believe SUE is charging $X – OMG are you F-ing kidding me!)
  • Sadness (maybe I should quit and go back to doing what I was doing before)
  • Worthlessness (who am I to charge this, I’m not perfect, don’t have enough skills, etc)

Most of these energy & emotional blocks are unconscious and show up in different forms of procrastination and they keep us from making the impact and the change we wish to see in the world.

Previously I gathered together my Expand Your Impact Insider’s to facilitate them through a conversation with their business and their products and services to see what rates would be an invitation to clients & customers who would be HAPPY & JOYFUL to pay and work with.

I’m feeling called to invite a few more of you onto this call and if it sounds yummy, please join us.

Raising your rates is not just about doing it…but it’s about being energetically aligned with WHO you need to become to receive those rates.

I’ll be teaching you a set of tools you can use over and over again to tap into the specific energies you need to be to know exactly what will create the most ease, joy and glory for you, your business and your body.

Oh and yes, we’ll be talking to your beautiful bodies, those precious things we treat so poorly when we don’t choose the luxury we truly desire.

Your body is the reason you need to charge higher rates.

You as an infinite being don’t give a shit about money.

The money is for the joy of embodiment in this reality.

Who else has adding more self-care to their targets for 2020?

Let’s find a way to invite our bodies to help pay for them!

I’m confident we can quickly help you make some powerful shifts and open up some space for even MORE possibilities during our time together.

The investment this class is asking for is $20.20.

We’ll you’ll receive an audio recording as well as a playbook to work through.

Plus, you can ask your questions inside our Private Facebook Group.

Want a sneak peak into how something like this might work? Here’s a clip of one of our EYI Insider’s calls where we turned a problem one of our members was experiencing in her business into an opportunity to commune further with her business on what it wanted. It turns out her business was essentially pitching a fit and showing down her productivity because SHE WASN’T CHARGING ENOUGH.

You can hear her transformation by clicking here.

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