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7 Steps to Receive Ideal Clients

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  • Do you remember what it felt like the last time you worked with a less than ideal client? You wanted to just run away and hide under a rock.
  • Do you remember how it felt when they haggled with you about your fee, ignored what you told them to do and then blamed YOU for the program/product/modality not working?
  • Did that leave you annoyed? frustrated? hopeless?

That kind of situation never needs to happen again after you invest in setting yourself up for success by participating in my Ideal Client Magic Bullet Virtual Training Program.

What Makes Me Qualified to Help You Through This Quantum Leap in Client Attraction?

  • As a marketing professional I’ve been helping clients get clients for the past 15 years. Getting clear on the client’s ideal clients is the first step to any type of marketing activity.
  • As a solo entrepreneur for the past 10 years I’ve attracted over 250 clients for my business. Some have left me in tears of anger and frustration, revealing my dark night of the soul and helping me along my spiritual journey in a painful way…and others bring tears of joy and love to my eyes because they have wildly exceeded my expectations and filled my heart full of gratitude
  • As a business coach I’ve helped my clients attract more of their ideal clients and as you’ll see below – this small shift truly changes their lives!
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