Is NOW the Time to Turn Your Anxiety into Awesomeness ?

No matter what you feel anxious about (money, health, relationships) NOW is the time to transform!

What Would it Take to Uninstall Your Anxiety Programs?

And Reinstall Your Awesomeness Programs?

If the thoughts causes you anxiety and low vibe emotions like frustration, anger, shame, guilt or disappointment and you're ready to create a dramatically different reality - it's time to rewire your heart, brain & body out of the drama & trauma loop it's stuck in.

During this FREE Magic Wand Challenge You'll Discover:

How to Coach Yourself Through ANY Type of Drama or Trauma That Causes You Stress & Anxiety!
The Key Difference Between Manifesting & Actualizing
Serious Personal Growth Tools Through Creativity & Play
Why Your Recurring Feelings Are the KEY to Experiencing a Quantum Leap in Your Situation
How to Stop Feeling Bad & Wrong About Your Current Crappy Situation
And So Much More!

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"50% decrease in daily pain! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so empowered to keep playing with these tools."

-Ashley T.


"Last year in total I made $18,000. After implementing Mande's advice, I received $36,000 in one month while having way too much fun playing with my business!"

- Anne P.


"Well, apparently my business felt like receiving $15,500 this morning!"

- Davina F.


"Mande taught me how to ask for $10,000 and get it! I can't believe I was charging so little before, no wonder I used to feel burnt out & cranky with clients."

-Marcella S.

About Your Magic Wand Challenge Instructor

As a P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist she helps
entrepreneurial minded individuals
STOP being emotionally constipated
creators of crap and START becoming
conscious co-creators of magic &

This usually results in more
clients, more money and more fun and

She is the author of the Best Selling
Book “Expand Your Impact With
LinkedIn” and the creator of over 40+
virtual training programs.

She is a continuous student of human consciousness, trauma release,
pilates, yoga, breathwork, access bars,
subtle body therapies, essential oils,
CBT, liminal thinking, social media
marketing, email marketing,
conscious business, neuroscience,
epigenetics, & quantum physics.

Rev. Mande White-Pearl, MBA, CFMW, CEOC

As a P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist some of the things she helps her clients work on include:

--$-- Playing with Possibilities
--$-- Receiving From Everything
--$-- Owning Your Impact (3D vs 5D)
--$-- Following the Energy
--$-- Inviting in Magic & Miracles
--$-- Trusting Your Impact
--$-- Seeking Support (physical & energetic)

Her deepest purpose as a 5/1 Generator/Alchemist is to manifest the Gift of Revolution.

Her own entrepreneurial journey has included lots of money drama & trauma as well as MULTIPLE $100K Clients, MULTIPLE 6+ figure launches & MULTIPLE 6+ figure income streams.  All while having way more fun than she EVER thoughts possible, traveling the world with her entrepreneur hubby, 2 boys & Penelope, the Pomeranian who has her own bestselling book on Amazon

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