At one of our recent monthly Conscious Conversion mastermind retreats we had the great pleasure of facilitating one of the participants – and then vicariously the others – through a HUGE transformation in her sales conversations.

Ashley (name changed to protect her growth journey) is a super amazing entrepreneur who specializes in creating systems and structures to grow your online media presence.  The work she does with clients is amazing – when she gets the ‘right’ client. After spending a few hours working during a family holiday time, she posted how frustrated she was because she felt like she was wasting at least 5 hours per week having conversations with people time she wasn’t converting into clients.  She was actually ANNOYED they didn’t sign up to work with her because to her it was obvious they needed her – but they always had some excuse as to why they couldn’t sign up.  Fed up, she asked if she could just outsource the sales to someone else.

My reply, “Sure, but you need to have at least 50% margins built into your prices to be able to pay for lead generation AND the sales person. Then you need to make sure that the other 50% can get the job done and still pay you.  Today, you don’t have that – so you have to make the sales. Why 50%? Because to get someone good you need to be able to provide them a livable wage too – or they will find ways to get their needs met without you. You want the best on your team right? Sales are the lifeblood of your business right?  No sales – no business?

It wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear but she new it was true.  If she didn’t make sales, she didn’t have a business and right now she was the one who had to do the work and figure out how to make having sales conversations more successful.

I requested she record her next sales conversation – and that by listening to it – I promised I could figure out what was going on for her within the first 5 minutes.

And sure enough, 48 hours later – I had a recording and I could tell what was going on. I’ve seen it time and time again.  Most of the time the problem actually starts BEFORE you ever get on the call. Maybe your sales calls look like this.

Do You Offer “Free Coaching Sessions”?

How’s that working for you?  End up feeling good for a moment because you’re so smart and you solved someone’s problem only to feel bad after because they didn’t sign up to work with you and you wasted ANOTHER hour of your life?

Why not try offering a “Free Strategy Sessions” or a  “Free Discover Session”

THE DIFFERENCE: During a free session a prospect is coming to you looking to pick your brain. In this dynamic they stay in control of the big picture – one that is 100% misguided and diluted because if they knew how to get what they wanted they’d have it already.  It might feel good to provide someone with the answers but if you let them go away and figure out the pieces for themselves – having never done what you’ve done before – you aren’t doing them a bit of good.

For example, if I go to the doctor and ask for pimple cream – and he just gives me pimple cream – it’s just going to mask the real problem.  If he asks me about my diet and my stress – it might uncover the real reason why I have pimples and might provide me a better solution to the real problem I have.

Give your tips in your social selling content, on your webinars and your in your infoproducts. 

When someone asks you a specific question on a strategy session, respond to their question with a question. Check out the link at the bottom of this email to see how to get a list of the questions to ask.

In order for them to get what they truly desire you have to bypass their subconscious brain and ask them a question they’ve never been asked before – so that they can get connected back to infinite intelligence and find out the answer for themselves. You guiding them through this process will connect the two of you and start to plant the seed that you can continue helping them with this kind of work when you work together.

Here’s Another Example:

Prospect asks “How do you get more clients on LinkedIn?”.  The broke-entrepreneur response would be to say something like, “After you make connection with the people you meet at networking meetings you invite them to virtual coffees and then see if they’d be interested in having a sales conversation with you.” This leaves the client to start making their own judgements about why they can’t or won’t be able to do what you’re telling them and this confusion keeps them trapped. It lets them stay in judgement of you, your methods and their desire to do what’s required to change.

Could This Possibility Create More?

Prospect asks “How do you get more clients on LinkedIn?” Conscious Profitable Entrepreneur’s response would be to say something like, “What type of clients are you looking to get on LinkedIn? and then “Why do you want to get these types of clients from LinkedIn?”  This starts to active a new set of neural pathways in the prospects brain that has to search for something different than it has ever searched for before. They feel led and they feel supported. They really have to look at why they want what they want and get clear on if it’s what they really want.  10 times out of 10 they are getting in their own way of getting what they want because they believe a series of lies about themselves or others or the Universe – and it’s your job – if you’re looking to transform people’s lives to help bridge this gap for them.

Here’s The Bad – Good News

Being great at what you do won’t book your calendar solid. Yes it might get a client or two here or there – but if you’re going to expand your impact beyond you – you must learn to sell. You must get comfortable doing it – you must practice it – you must be kind to yourself in the process. You must be willing to turn everything you think you’re doing right on it’s head and stay in a question of possibility.

If you’re tried Facebook Ads, Webinars, Email Marketing, Social Media and the like and still aren’t getting clients-it’s not the marketing that’s working – it’s the sales. Sales are what brings in business and pays the bills. It’s it time to put some effort into getting this aspect of your business figured out before you have to go back and get a J-O-B?

So Now What?

The biggest take away Ashley had after just this 5 minute conversation shifted things dramatically. And over the course of the 90 minute session we outlined about 5 more mistakes that she was making that cost her clients and kept her wasting time having these sessions.  Wanna know what they are?  Check out this FREE training…






P.S. Just by registering you’ll get instant access to my Conscious Conversion Questions – a beautiful PDF you can print out and use each time you have a strategy session to help you stay in the question and guide people.  Plus I’ll have other bonuses for you on the webinar if you can attend live!


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