You don’t have to SAVE them and enroll them in a co-dependent relationship. You can create an empowered space to help them step into the transformation they are truly looking for.   If you know how to create the space for this kind of transformation, right from the start.

Ultimately we’re going to end up creating sales funnels that mimic a healthy relationship building process and trust me now – the quicker you tap into the big picture and align yourself with where the money flows – the happier you’ll be (and the happier your clients will be too!)

Transformation is Co-Creative

After working with clients of all kinds, some whom got the outcome we were working towards and others who didn’t, I began to analyze what made some successful and others not.

I realized that each client had a life purpose to figure out and my working with them was Divine and perfect. As you grow in your ability to provide great and greater levels of service (which mastering this framework will catapult your ability to do that) you’ll be able to hold a bigger space for your client’s transformation.

I guarantee that means clients who are much more joyful to work with.

Keeping yourself clear enough to help them make the transformations they need to make will provide you and them with the greatest rewards.

Keep working the framework for yourself and your clients.

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