I can’t begin to describe to you the joy this creature brings to me.

She’s provided me with the ‘better feeling thoughts’ I’ve needed during my darkest of times.

When I first started my journey as an entrepreneur I relied upon my intellect as my primary method for creation. 

Magic & miracles wasn’t for someone as ‘professional’ as me. 

I had a reputation in the community to uphold.

In healing from my own Emotionally Constipated state of being, my therapist introduced me to The Law of Attraction.

Because I was good at being smart, I applied  “Ask & You Shall Receive” intellectually – like a scientist would.

This linear process helped me actualize a lot of amazing things…

But each creation always included a new awareness of something I didn’t know I didn’t want.

It’s that two steps forward, one step back feeling that makes the entrepreneurial journey so hard.

For example, with my first $100K client I was so proud of myself for having actualized someone who paid me $100K that I still over delivered and undervalued myself and ended up frustrated and miserable pretty quick.

So my next try included more linear logic with a tiny bit of hope in a magical possibility…

Can I have $100K, in a fun and leveraged way now please?

Not soon after, I ‘serendipitously’ ran into an old friend who invited me to speak to his audience a few days later.

We quickly put together an offer to make to those who listened to the call.  

120 clients later at $997 each = $120K

This time all that was required was a few days teaching/coaching to fulfill the offer.

I did split the money with him so I didn’t officially clear $100K but close enough to keep practicing my ask and including the energy of more magic & miracles.

I’ve been sharing & teaching these techniques & tools to my clients over the last decade and have seen all kinds of crazy amazing things get created.

No matter where you’re at on the transformational journey of entrepreneurship today, let this post remind you to invite the energy of MAGIC & MIRACLES into your goals, projects, & planning and maybe even your relationships with yourself, your body, your family, your friends.

Penelope is happy to serve as your reminder that you too are a Magical AF Creator of Magic & Miracles! Check out her Instagram Reel here!