We’re so glad you found us.

We’ve been waiting for you and doing our work to become more visible and ready to receive you.

However you found us, we are truly grateful you are here and invite you to stay for as long as you’d like.

We’ve got so much to share.

If you’re a speaker, author or coach looking to get more clients, make more money and finally start having more fun and freedom in your business you’re in the right place.


Our Vision

We believe that an entrepreneur truly steps into their power and joy when they shift out of their self-assigned job as a task doer, and realign themselves with their true role as a visionary co-creator with the Universe actualizing something the world has never seen before.

You're not here to duplicate someone else's business or business model.

You're here to outcreate their reality and yours.

And you're here to have WAY more fun than you ever thought possible doing that.

Wherever and from whomever you bought into the lie that you had to work "hard" for it can you just let that story and the energy that surrounds that please!?

We've created the Expand Your Impact community to provide a safe space for you to play on your journey to becoming a Million Dollar Plus CEO.


Our Mission

To support 1 Million Entrepreneurs in Becoming Million Dollar Plus CEO's while having WAY more fun than they ever thought possible.

If you'd like to step into the energy of this possibility please check out our Free Million Dollar Plus CEO Challenge.

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Our Method

You’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours (maybe even hundreds of thousands) in learning how to make money online (product launches, list building, webinars, course creation) and you’ve got a few things figured out but you constantly feel scattered and unsure what you should be doing to finally feel successful.

You want consistent monthly income from multiple sources without having to work so damn hard.

You want your business to be fun again.

You want enough time freedom to enjoy the things you love (self-care, learning, traveling, family).

Most of all you want to feel empowered that it is possible for YOU to BE the change in the world AND be very well paid for it.

Profit is more than just money.

It’s not about helping you just set up multiple bank accounts.

You don’t want to lose your health to gain wealth.

You don’t want to outserve your sanity.

You can choose to have it all.

P.R.O.F.I.T.S. is comprised of 7 elements.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to P.R.O.F.I.T.S.


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