People ask me all the time why I’d create all my products to be “Magic Bullets” when other experts or guru’s claim that there is “No such thing as a magic bullet.”

Well my argument for that is simple.

The ‘Magic’ of whatever product or service you’ve bought into is in YOU!

And to help illustrate that point, I’ve come up with a powerful acronym I used with my clients to help them remember just what the magic entails.


When you are being who you truly are, you are magnetic to your ideal clients, partners and to publicity opportunities.  That magnetism is activated in you when you stop playing small and step into the brilliance of you – the light of the world that’s ready to shine and empower others to do the same for themselves.

Unfortunately, the opposite also holds true so when you’re hiding and making decisions from your limiting beliefs and perceptions of reality, you attract those same sorts of people.  Either magnetic pull is hard to unhook from sometimes but it is possible to choose the magnetic attraction that allows you to create opportunities from a place of unlimited possibility – and in that tiny space is exactly where the magic happens.


When you are being who you truly are, you are authentic. There are no pretenses or actions you take just to please others or because you are supposed to be doing them – especially in the case of marketing & sales and doing activities because someone else made money doing it.

You’ve got to find out how to be authentic in all the ways you communicate about who you are and what you are up to.  An authentic expression of you comes from truly knowing who you are, what you value and being able to stand up for what you believe in.


Whether you refer to it as God, Spirit or the Divine – the magic happens when you listen and act on the inspiration you are guided with.

Oftentimes it’s hard because we are guided to do things we’re not comfortable with, but from my own experience and from sharing what amazing things others have been up to – the magic always happens when they take that leap of faith and act on that guidance.


This is one of my favorites because just the sound of the word to me feels a little more grounded and sturdy than the others.  This one comes from understanding your purpose and seeing the bigger picture of what you are here to experience and create during your lifetime.  Once you understand that you are instrumental in everyone’s life

you come in contact with and they for you – you’ll be able to see the magic and create just the opportunities you need to continue to serve in much larger ways.


This is another of my favorites.  The magic is activated in you when you are confident. Confident in your actions, confident in the transformation you provide for others and confident you can take care of yourself and empower others to do the same.

So, what do you think?

Can you see opportunities in your life where there have been moments of magic?

Can you see where by bringing these 5 qualities into focus you might be able to activate a little more magic into your life?

What would that magic look like?  Maybe more clients magically appearing in your life, ready to work with you?

Maybe clients who are happy to pay you more than you thought you could be paid…maybe someone who is the perfect support person to take that daunting task off your plate… maybe it’s someone in your life who is just dying to spend a little more fun time with you.

So now that I’ve introduced you to the concept of receiving clients as if by magic, I want to share with you the process I went through myself in reconciling MAGIC with Marketing/Sales and Spirituality.



Are you ready to discover the simple framework I use with my clients and myself to create a system that consistently brings in new qualified ideal clients as if by magic?

And allows me to evaluate ANY opportunity that is presented to structure it to bring me clients NOW and later?

By the end of our time together you’ll know:

  • The Single Most Dangerous Trend Facing All Small Business Owners
  • Why Creating From Chaos and Overwhelm Will Get You Nowhere With Your Business…and Why Creating From a Spiritually Aligned Strategy Will Get You Everything You Have Ever Desired and Beyond!
  • The #1 Mistake Small Business Owners Make That Keep Them Struggling to Get Clients, Overwhelmed at Their Choices for Marketing, and Significantly Underpaid

Sounds good right?

One last thing before we dive into this simple 4-part video training!

I invite you to look at what I’m teaching you from the prospective of how lack of alignment with this material is blocking you from having the success you want AND lack of alignment with this material is blocking your clients from having the success THEY want.

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