Have you ever been told you can’t have what you want?

Or that you ‘want’ too much?

I sure have.

Like a godzillion times!

And I let myself believe that was true for a number of years.

I even let myself be distracted by ‘getting what I wanted’ only to realize it wasn’t REALLY what I wanted!

“It’s not ok to want what you want because in the end you’ll get it and it won’t turn out the way you wanted so you’ll just be disappointed – so there really isn’t any point in wanting.” – Said Conscious Brain with its wicked circular logic designed to keep me safe!

What the [email protected]#)*#@

Choice Kills Drama

When I found myself at rock bottom, I could nor longer ignore that smaller voice inside that still believed I could have what I wanted and it wasn’t wrong for wanting more.

Ironically enough, rock bottom for me left me partially blind and faced with not being able to have children.  What I didn’t want to ‘see’ up until then was that every time I created something in my life that showed up as a ‘don’t want’ it allowed me an opportunity to make a new choice.

I had misidentified that ‘don’t want’ as a sign that I wasn’t supposed to move forward in the direction of my true desires. I fought with ideas like “God’s will be done”. I also made it mean that I didn’t deserve to get what I wanted either. I was believing in lies about who I truly was. The lies had blinded me to who I truly was – a gift to the world – a gift of being me – that no one else could be.  A gift of being a human being. Not a human doing.

Taking responsibility for my partial blindness, allowed me to train myself and my brain to see what else was possible both literally and figuratively. I made some dramatic changes in my life at that point to surround myself with others who believed in seeing the gift that each and every one of us is and helped me to strengthen that vision in myself.  I made it a a habit to talk to people who dreamed bigger dreams than I believed possible. I studied techniques for how to take responsibility for what I was creating in my life and to become a more active creator of what I wanted.

The Real Secret to Having It All

Want to know a secret to allowing yourself to want more?

Choose to be grateful for the gift that is you.  All of it…without the judgement of any of it.

Choosing gratitude opens you up to other better feeling possibilities.

It also opens you up to the energy of what you are wanting NOT the judgement that comes for expecting it to show up in a certain way.

Maybe in another article I’ll share just how the energy of what I wanted showed up in my life looking WAAAAYYY different than I could have ever imagined possible and actually exponentially better.

Imagine my delight to know that I could be supported in having everything I asked for and more?  Would you like that that too? If so what would you ask for? What gratitude could you be for you, your body, your business and your experiences that would allow you to be the invitation to more than you ever thought possible?

An Invitation For You

This year my desire to have it all includes playing with more amazing people, perhaps like you., who want more for themselves, their businesses, their families, their communities and the planet.  It’s to be a voice for those who are tired of being told they want too much, they are too much and they can’t have it their way.

So if the invitation below sounds like fun to you – I can’t wait to meet you and hear what grand and glorious adventures you are up to today and beyond.


Who Else Wants…


who appreciate your value and are a joy to work with?


to prove you’re well-paid for the value you provide?


enjoyable ways to market and promote yourself so receiving clients becomes effortless?


that comes with knowing exactly what to do when and being able to manage your own schedule?

If YES, it’s time to EXPAND YOUR IMPACT!

Today is Your Day! Your Year! Your Reality!

Today is the day you decide to claim the life you’ve been dreaming about and make it your reality.

Today is the day you become a hero in your own life.

We designed this community for you, the magical entrepreneur, who is ready to implement your own customized system to stop the feast or famine cycle of trading time for money once and for all so that you can really live the life of your dreams instead of just hoping it’ll happen someday!

You’ll see that in this community you’ll create both the business model and the marketing & sales strategies you need to quickly double, triple or even quadruple your income in the next 12 months.

Keep in mind that this community isn’t for everyone. So as you consume other content from the Expand Your Impact Community, check in with your awareness…pay attention to how you feel in your body…and listen to what your heart is telling you…

You’ll know this community is for you if you are tired of not having what you want in life – like working with clients you love, having enough free time and money to do the things you want to and really serving people in a way that gets them the results they desire… if you can’t stand your business being stuck at the same level…and you are ready to commit to your vision and create the business (and lifestyle) success you want!

If this sounds like a community you’d like to be connected with please request to join our Private Group for daily inspiration, education and accountability.






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