What You Learn

The Access Bars class is a single day, 8-hour class. Your Access Bars facilitator will provide you with a comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts to assist you in learning Access Bars and becoming an Access Bars practitioner by the end of the day-long course. In addition to learning Access Bars, the manual is full of life-changing tools, questions, and processes from Access Consciousness. This class is much more than learning a new energetic modality... In addition to exploring the manual and the hand positions for the 32 bars-points, you’ll be invited to the change that you know can be, and is, possible!


Access Bars is the first prerequisite class of Access Consciousness. Once you’ve completed this class, you are able to attend many other class offerings!

What Is Included?

    • Coaching by a licensed Access Bars Facilitator or an Access Certified Facilitator
    • Receiving and Gifting full Access Bars sessions
    • Viewing a special instructional video where developer Gary Douglas personally demonstrates the technique
    • Comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts

Can I Ask Questions?

Yes! Common questions are “What are the Access Bars points and how can I tell if they are running? What does Access Bars change? How can I use Access Bars with my kids and my family, my business, my friends? How can I change things in my life that aren’t working for me? How can I create a greater life?” You can ask anything as each class is co-created with everyone that comes to that particular class. There are no stupid questions!

What Happens After Class?