Meet Rev. Mande White-Pearl, MBA, CFMW

Whether she's sharing insights about her own comically cosmic transformational journey as a serial entrepreneur or serving as a guiding light for other entrepreneurs to find their authentic expressions of magic & miracles, Mande leads the way that defies normal explanation in the areas of health, wealth & relationships.

Roles Mande Loves to Play:
Bestselling Author
Course Creator (40+)
Jewelry Designer
Life & Leadership Coach
Mastermind Facilitator
Strategic Advisor

From Emotionally Constipated Creator of Crap to Conscious Co-Creator of Magic & Miracles

Mande's entrepreneurial journey has included lots of money drama & trauma as well as MULTIPLE $100K Clients, MULTIPLE 6+ figure launches & MULTIPLE 6+ figure income streams.  All while having more fun than she EVER thought possible, traveling the world with her entrepreneur hubby, 2 entrepreneur boys & Penelope, the Pomeranian who has her own bestselling book on Amazon.

Expand Your Impact & Income

A New Way to BE the 5D Change

Change the world from the inside out.

BE More.

DO Less.

Consider this your invitation to participate in the creation of a new reality.

A reality without fear, separation or lack.

A reality anchored in a deep goodwill towards all creatures.

A change to create Heaven on Earth.

"Mande inspired me to be an entrepreneur in a totally different way resulting in a life of magic & miracles beyond what I ever thought possible"

Rev. Anne

"Mande taught me to commune with my business like it was my best friend resulting in 6 figure days I used to dream about."

Roberto Perez

"Mande taught me to how to ask for 5+ figure clients and get them. My life will never be the same."

Robert Thomas

Mande's Certifications Include:

Breath work, Conscious Awareness, Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, HeartMath(TM), Heartwork Journaling (TM), Pilates, Radical Questioning, Trailblazing Communications (TM), Quantum Human Design, Yoga

P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist

As a P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist some of the things she helps her clients work on include:

Playing with Possibilities
Receiving from Everything
Owning Your Impact (3D vs. 5D)
Following the Energy
Inviting in Magic & Miracles
Trusting Your Impact
Seeking Support (Physical & Energetic)

Book Mande

Mande has shared the stage with notables such as Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, Sally Hogshead, Peter Shankman, Michael Port, Michael Beckwith and more. She's available for:

Keynote Speeches (Virtual & In-Person)

$$$ Money & the Big O: Why We Creativity is the Key to More $$$

Podcast Interviews

$$$ Expand Your Impact & Income: How to Be the 5D Change $$$

Customized Content Creation

$$$ Quantum Human Design $$$

$$$ Radical Curiosity $$$

$$$ Heartwork Journaling $$$

$$$ Crystal Healing $$$

Speak to Sell (Virtual & In-Person)

$$$ The Ultimate Guide to P.R.O.F.I.T.S.: How to Have it All Without Trading Your Health for Wealth $$$


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Let's chat about the possibilities

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