“All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory! All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory!  All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory!”

What happens when that statement doesn’t feel like a true reality for you?

You start to play a bit more. You work on removing the judgements, and conclusions you have about who you are and who other people are when they are on LinkedIn.

And maybe you try out a few of these activities.

Today I want to share with you 7 Actions to Take Everyday to Expand Your Impact & Income on LinkedIn.

Record Stats of Your Connections

This is usually a task you can offload to an assistant but you want to make sure you know what you’re looking at AND that you analyze the data you are collecting at least once a week. On a daily basis I recommend to collect the following:

  • Number of Connections
  • Number of Followers
  • New Connections Accepted

When looking at your numbers you might notice some judgements or conclusions creep up. Sometimes they show up like “I’m not connecting with ENOUGH people or the RIGHT people.”  Sometimes it creeps up like “This is such a waste of time”.  Whatever thoughts you have other than “All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory! can just be cleared energetically.  If you haven’t heard of the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – it’s an amazing tool that can help you destroy and uncreate any limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have about yourself, others and your world.  Once that energy is cleared you have more space to allow the awesome, magical you to show through.


Record Stats of Your Posts/Articles

For many conscious entrepreneurs creating new content is the best part and going back to check how well it’s doing is frustrating, confusion and overwhelming.  Recording the stats of your status updates and articles is another task you can have an assistant record on a daily basis but if you’re looking to turn your content into clients you’re going to need to be able to analyze the data and use it to make changes to your sales funnel. There are 4 things to record about each post/article:


After collecting that data and studying it, I continue clearing whatever comes up for me about my content, my time, it’s results.  This might take more than a few times to get things cleared at first but the best part of creating content is that once it’s out there you can continue to pull energy through the article and all the people, places, events and adventures that would like to contribute to your magical possibilities.  It’s so much fun to have someone call you up and say they have been reading your stuff for years and that they are now ready to work with you!  The more content you create and the more clear you are that everything always works out for you & your business the easier the magic will actualize.


Publish a New Post/Article

While it may not be feasible for you to post a new article each day on LinkedIn you can make a post to connect with your community and inspire, educate and inform them. There are 3 types of posts you can make.

  1. Photo
  2. Video
  3. Idea

Be sure not to just post a pic without explaining WHY someone would care about it.  You wouldn’t do that in real life at a networking event!  If you need help deciding what to check out my 9 Step System for Conscious Content Creation.


Comment on Your Own Posts/Articles

Once you start publishing posts and articles you’ll probably start getting people to comment on them.  You’ll want to check in on a daily basis with what people are saying and make sure you continue the conversation with them.  If you’re not getting comments on your articles you might want to look at including a question or two at the end of the article to elicit more engagement in your article.  If you’re looking to get people to read old articles then you’re going to want to write up a few posts to make with a link to the article.  That update might include a request to make a comment.



Engage With Other Posts/Articles

If you attended a real networking event, you wouldn’t spend the entire evening talking only about yourself would you?  No, you’d make sure you let others talk and tell you about themselves.

Ever heard that’s why God gave us two ears and one mouth? So we could do more listening than speaking?

Learning to engage might seem daunting at first but if you get past the idea that you could do it wrong and get comfortable with putting yourself you there – you’ll do just fine!  I wonder what it would be like for you to make it a game you play with yourself.

  • How much fun could you have?
  • How many fun people could you find out there having an opinion on the world you wanna be a part of?
  • How can the Universe surprise and delight you with fun people to support you in expanding your impact?

When you’re looking to manage your time, I advise clients to limit this activity to no more than 15 minutes per day.


Reply to New Messages

Congratulations you have a new inbox you get to manage!  You’ll want to take time each day to greet your new connections and move along the conversation.  If you’re new in business or looking to secure clients fast, I’d highly recommend you try out having “Virtual Coffees”. If you’d like to know more about how to have a virtual check out my Connections to Clients Blueprint.


Accept/Review New Connection Requests

If you’re working my 5-Steps LinkedIn Profit Plan then you’ll be getting 10-15 new connections everyday. That’s like going to a networking event without having to put on clothes! How does it get any better than this!?  I personally love looking through my new connections, pulling energy through them and playing with the space of how to invite them into the possibilities I’m playing with.


Think you can handle these 7 items? I think you can! I wonder what possibilities can surprise and delight you while playing on LinkedIn each and everyday!  The world is such an amazing connected place once you start playing on LinkedIn!


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