Now that you understand the 2 Simple Ways to Make More Money, let’s dive into the mindset shifts you must master in order to expand your awareness of how you can serve others with ease.

Trust me that once you understand this framework and the light switches on for you, you’ll be able to go with the flow of new possibilities with much more ease and joy and success.

After years of helping thousands of speakers, authors and coaches get more clients, make more money and have more fun and freedom, I’ve identified 6 levels of mastery needed to EXPAND your awareness of how you can serve with ease.

I’m outlining these levels of mastery now by asking your higher self a series of questions that will open you to new possibilities of awareness. You need not know the answers to these now, but I promise you as you go through this book you’ll find the answers to these questions popping into your awareness as if by magic.

  • Energetically – What energetic alignment do you and your body need to be to generate & actualize clients and cash with ease?
  • X-Factor – Who do you need to BE in order to be in alignment with receiving more clients and cash than you ever thought possible?
  • Pipeline – What systems can I put in place to allow me to receive more clients and cash than I ever thought possible?
  • Alchemy – What level of consciousness does my body and I need to be to allow the flow of receiving more clients and cash with ease?
  • Negative Mind Chatter – This question is for those times when it seems nothing is going right or at least not as expected. What else is possible I never even imagined?
  • Decide – I wonder what it would be like to have more clients, more cash, and more fun and freedom than I ever thought possible?

Do you see how asking these questions makes you feel a bit lighter and even a bit more hopeful about your business and what’s possible? Cool, right?

Check out to print out your own copy of the 6 Questions for Expanding Your Impact. I’d suggest hanging a few around your office and your house to help you remember to use the questions as much as possible.

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