Building the reputation you want online is something that you will need to work on daily for the life of your business. All starts and ends with content to build your reputation. It’s important that you understand that building content that showcases your business and yourself in the light that you want is an important and ongoing imperative if you want to be noticed and stay in the forefront of your niche.

There are 5 basic ways to build your online reputation.

Build Your Online Reputation Through Blogging

Not only can you and should you blog on your own website you can blog on other people’s websites too. Become a regular guest contributor on blogs that can help you spread your message. Ideally, you want to blog on your own website at least 20 times a month, and then maybe once a week elsewhere. You could choose four places and blog for them monthly and meet that quota for yourself. Blog about your niche often and you’ll become a thought leader.

Build Your Online Reputation With Social Media

Today, social media is at the top when it comes to building an online reputation. You want to be active on social media in terms of posting new things to share, but also in commenting, answering questions and posting relevant facts for your readers. Use social media to drive traffic back to your website by posting a blurb and a link to every blog post or article you post on your website. In addition, make sure your profiles are consistent across all social media accounts.

Build Your Reputation Via Search Engine Optimization

This may seem strange to you but search engine optimization really covers just about everything when it comes to building your online reputation. It covers blogging, article marketing, social media and ensuring that you’re doing it all in a way that will attract the audience you want to attract. Check out our other posts on Increasing Your Visibility with search engine optimization. If you’d like to receive a detailed report card on your website’s SEO give us a call at 888.423.5960!

Never Forget Your Email List & Lead Generation

Email marketing is not dead. In fact it’s more important than ever. It’s still one of the leading ways to speak directly to your audience with their permission. Practice generating leads via social media, your website and blog always. Always build your list. This is going to be one of your most valuable ways to build your online reputation in a direct way.  If you need help with this step you might want to check out our Social Selling Implementation Lab.

Today Mobile Marketing is Imperative for Online Reputation Building

Most people access the net today with their mobile devices. If your online real estate isn’t viewable via mobile devices it’s time to change this fact. You’re leaving out in the cold a large majority of your audience if you don’t have websites optimized for mobile. Today this is not hard with the advent of mobile friendly WordPress themes. You should not have two sites, all your sites should work with any type of browser or size of screen.  This is one of the reasons why when we build client websites we use WordPress and OptimizePress.  OptimizePress is already mobile friendly no matter if you’re looking at website pages, blog pages, sales pages or opt-in pages.






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