4 Action Steps for Manifesting More Money

Are you bringing in as much as you expected (or want!) each month?

How often are you checking your numbers to keep track of your bottom line?

When was the last time you raised your rates?

Pricing can can create quite a lot of anxiety in an entrepreneur’s business. Countless business owners fall into this common trap: they low ball their pricing in order to get clients, then they start to resent their clients because they KNOW they should charge more but don’t want to lose clients by raising their prices.

If you fall into this scenario, then it’s time to reflect on WHY you continue to lowball your prices. You are likely fighting against a stubborn money block that needs to be eliminated so you can charge rates that feel joyful without feeling guilty.


Before we go any further in this conversation, it’s imperative you BE KIND to yourself when asking these reflection questions. They are NOT meant to add anymore anxiety vibes into your vibration than you already have!

What is a Money Block?

A money block is an innate belief you have about money. 99% of the time beliefs are NOT yours (because an infinite being wouldn’t have ANY thoughts of lack) they are picked up from childhood or from those we hang around most.  Journaling your thoughts and memories can allow you to question whether or not that thought truly is yours, as an infinite being, or belongs to someone else, who unconsciously passed it onto you.

The BEST part of doing this inner work is that it allows you to not only free yourself from these limiting beliefs but doesn’t allow them to expand out to anyone else who hangs around you!

How does it get any better than that!?

There is NO need to feel bad about these blocks, in fact, the idea that you’re aware of them means, they are ready to be released. Your choice is how much ease are you willing to receive as you let them go.

Action Steps for Manifesting Actualizing More Money

Don’t be fooled by the word “manifesting”. Your confusion for this word is probably a bit why you’re not “actualizing” what you truly desire in your life.

See, “manifesting” is technically about HOW things will show up, and we’re not in control of that because the universe only speaks energy and it matches the vibration of our ask with what shows up in our lives. Often times that means things don’t show up the way we thought they would.

“Actualizing”is the ‘that’ it comes in. When we actualize something, we’re bringing it into existence.

Over the years, I’ve learned it’s much easier to just ask for the money to show up and wait for the universe to surprise & delight me, rather than trying to control how it shows up. My favorite example of this is my $100K client case study.

While we wait for our ASKS to show up, we still have to entertain ourselves with some action steps.

Feel free to use your imagination and create your own personalized action steps; the key is taking one action step a day.

I find it’s helpful to ask the version of me who already has the $100 Million dollar business what actions I can take today to allow X to show up…as if by magic!? Then I take action on whatever activities feel fun!

To help you remember these action steps, I’ve created these to follow the acronym M-O-R-E!

Make an exclusive offer to your email list, offering value instead of discounts.

Value can come in so many different forms like a special report, checklist, resource list, guided audio, behind-the-scenes video. Value is anything that helps the client truly embody the transformation they are looking to create.  If you find yourself really charged by ideas like ‘worthy’, ‘deserving’ & ‘value’ check out our How to Expand Your Impact & Income by Understanding Your Value FREE training here.


Offer lower-priced offers for those who can’t afford one-on-one coaching.

We’ve all heard it before, “I can’t afford it” but that doesn’t mean you can’t find another way to get the client on the path toward getting results.  For those not ready to make the leap into your high ticket coaching programs, consider a group coaching program, a mastermind, or virtual training program.  This is not a discount; this is simply a less expensive, less personal option.

Raise Your Rates

If you haven’t checked out 21 Ways to Raise Your Rates you’ll want to inspire yourself with those pearls of wisdom.  I’d highly recommend communing with your business at least every quarter to see if the rates you’re charging are still creating or decaying the future you desire to create.

Engage in Networking, Online & Offline

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube! There are so many possibilities to play with when it comes to turning your social media connections into clients. These social networks provide a unique opportunity for introverts to stay at home in their yoga pants, pet the cat, and get clients.

Here are some possibilities to be inspired by from our community members:

  • Anne, an intuitive business coach, played with her new Twitter connections and created $36,000 in a single month – that’s 6 clients @$6,000 each.

  • Davina, a coach/consultant for women lawyers played on Facebook and created $76,000…you’ve GOT to hear this story on Friday, 10/25!

  • Kat, a coach for C-suite executives played on LinkedIn and received her first $2,000 pay in full client and a steady stream of more since.

Hopefully that leaves you with a bit of inspired energy to head off into your take an take some action steps. 

Here are a few other resources that might be contributions to your body, your business & your life!

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