Have you ever noticed that Hollywood celebrities sometimes tweet or post the most inane and empty comments, and yet these gather hundreds of responses—sometimes thousands? It’s certainly not because of their profound wisdom. It’s because they are celebrities.

What is a celebrity?

There are two types: Those who become famous for illusory reasons—beauty, identification with a movie character, sex appeal—and those who become famous because of their expert status and perceived authority. With the latter, reputation and consistency is everything; with the former, lack of reputation (i.e. deviant behavior) doesn’t harm them.

But what everybody misses about the phenomenon of celebrity is the audience phenomenon.

Audience tend to either idolize or trust, depending on whether or not you are merely famous or a recognized authority. Merely by associating with a particular audience’s idols, you can gain instant celebrity or expert status yourself.

You are perceived as one of the celebrity’s “inner circle” and people pay attention to you—sometimes to get to their favorite celebrity and often because you are perceived now as something of a celebrity too (especially within entrepreneurial or coaching circles).

As a business entrepreneur, you are in a celebrity class all your own.

You need to combine a little Hollywood glamour with a lot of trust-building and authority status.

Fortunately you don’t have to be six feet tall, young, willowy and beautiful—but you do have to know who you are, and visibly live your values and message in a joyful and focused way.

Here are t21 ideas for raising your profile and increasing your celebrity worthiness, without compromising your values or feeling uncomfortable.

Create a Live Networking Plan

The best way to rub shoulders with your niche idols and other top entrepreneurs is to go to events where they are speaking or simply even attending. While it is hard to get yourself invited to a premiere with Johnny Depp or Emma Stone, it is ridiculously easy to give yourself the opportunity to meet up or even just be in the same room with someone who has already achieved in your field what you are ultimately aiming for.

All you have to do is buy a ticket.

Make a list of your niche heroes, and Google or check their websites to see if they are speaking at or even just planning to attend specific conferences in your niche. Allocate an annual budget for live networking (starting today), and fit this into your business plan—and fee structure.

I’ve always combined this strategy with my desire to travel so I make sure the events I want to attend are in locations I can knock off my bucket list.  The celebrities you see me pictured with in our daily Pearls of Profitable Wisdom were met by attending events like this.

Attend Live Events with a Specific Goal in Mind

While you should be relaxed about these events, and not go with the idea of “stalking” your favorite celebrity, do identify your goal for each event—and for how you want to interact with your favorite niche figures.

Ask yourself also how will you interact? What classes are they giving that you can sign up for? Will you ask a vital question? Share something really useful with them?

And if you’re going to ask one or more questions, what questions will you ask? How will these questions not only help you, but make them look good too? Decide on your questions and write them out beforehand. Realize when you connect with celebrities, it’s never about you: It’s always about why they should care that they’ve met you (what’s in it for them).

Realize the Value of Your Interest

Don’t be intimidated by asking questions or introducing yourself to celebrities when opportunities arise. Instead, realize that one reason they are your niche hero—even though they may not be known by the average member of Joe Public—is because they have the same interests you do. The same passion. Many of the same core values, and beliefs.

This makes it much more likely you can connect on a meaningful level.

Write Testimonials for Experts Before Attending an Event

At live events or mastermind retreats, one is often asked to say what you liked about a presentation on a feedback sheet. If you know your expert by reputation or by following him or her closely on social networks or forums, write out possible things you could say in bullet form on an index card.

That way, you won’t succumb to the well-known phenomenon of freezing up on feedback sheets. Give a brilliant enough testimonial (with specific points) and you may even see yours featured alongside other well-known names associated with your niche hero.

It’s common in the internet marketing industry to do video testimonials so I try to come prepared both with what to say & by looking amazing so that I can be really proud of the video testimonial that I make.

Follow your Niche Influencers

The best strategies and results come not just from events or from social networking, but from a combination of strategies.

Definitely you should “Follow” your own favorite niche experts or influencers on social media—but really follow them. Check every day to see if they are saying something new.

Subscribe to their newsletters—and read them.

And when you’ve got something valuable to contribute—comment!

Invest in Working With Your Niche Heroes

This doesn’t mean running around spending all your profits on multiple coaches for yourself—that’s like buying friends.

But do remember that the best way to find the perfect JV partner or be asked to speak at an event is to be the client of someone in the position to facilitate or provide this. (Choose someone whose mission most closely aligns to your goals for this year.)

It took me many years to learn to trust myself and pick mentors that I really enjoyed working with instead of the most popular ones but in the end, I learned a lot from both opportunities and made connections in both communities that will last me a lifetime…and maybe some of you are here because we met at a live event! I’m so grateful for that mentor drawing us both into their community so we could meet.

Look for Photo Opportunities

When you meet your niche heroes, do keep alert for photo opportunities. Being photographed with a celebrity authority figure is worth more than a thousand words.

And if there isn’t one (and especially if others are asking) just ask if you can take a selfie with them. (People rarely refuse.)


Help Them Out

If it’s appropriate, volunteer to help your niche idol at live events. Offer them your LiveScribe pen so they can gather testimonials; offer to send them something that will really help them (especially if they ask for something—be able to volunteer). Carry spare pens, spare notepads (preferably inscribed with your name and contact info).

Be ready to volunteer, in a meaningful, genuine and appropriate way.

Be the Person Who Can Step In

Anyone who has been to live events knows that occasionally important guests can’t make it. A plane is delayed, a family emergency arises… it doesn’t matter what the reason is. It happens.

Be the back-up plan. Have a presentation ready in your “pocket”—and make sure it is all about what people have turned up to hear. It doesn’t have to be the same topic as the missing guest’s presentation: In fact, you won’t know which guest is going to go missing, if there are going to be multiple speakers. But make sure it is relevant to the event’s theme—and that it’s something you can speak about easily and passionately.

Not only will the event host remember you, but so will a brand new audience (and you will most likely be called out for helping on social media and in blog posts).

Follow Up!

There are people who employ several of the previous strategies—and completely forget about the event (and promises they’ve made) when they get home.

Don’t be one of them! Send “thank-you” letters to anyone who helped you at the event, or shared valuable information. If you promised to send someone a link, make a note of it while you are promising—and send that link as soon as possible.

Thank the organizer of the event, giving detailed, positive and honest feedback, saying what you liked about it and what you learned from it.

This is one of those “secrets” to making sure people remember you after an event—and to building strong connections.

Join “Challenges”

It’s not just about live events (fortunately!) There are other ways you can raise your niche profile too.

Join “challenges”—but make sure you are committed and that you can fit the work it will take to succeed into your schedule.

And don’t just be the one who gets noticed by succeeding: Be the one that is already there to help fellow participants too. Add value to the challenge and you will get noticed—and remembered. By everyone who counts.

Be a Case Study

Is a niche influencer looking for a case study? Volunteer!

Just be careful you are ready to be a successful case study (but don’t be afraid of having the influencer find the odd fault: Showing others that you are human and can learn from experience is an important part to connection).


Brand—and Use—Your YouTube Channel

A proven way to raise visibility: Create a branded YouTube channel, and create a series on a hot topic that is relevant to your ideal audience.

Just make sure you promote your series on social media and in your blog. (Write a corresponding series for your blog with the video embedded, so you can catch different audience segments with different learning preferences.)

Share Your Video Series in Emails

Don’t just share videos on your blog and through YouTube: Send versions of your blog post (a summary will do) and embed the video and include the YouTube link (in case your subscriber would rather watch it later).

Email is one of the most powerful ways to connect—especially if you put the series name, episode number and episode topic in your subject line.

Recognize Your Fears

One of the biggest challenges people face (not just coaches) when stepping out to connect in new ways and places is fear of the unfamiliar. Thus you go to a live event—and hang around only with people who already know you. Or you never make those videos because you have hang-ups about being overweight.

Run a self-evaluation and identify the areas where you repeatedly “chicken out”: Then make a plan for overcoming this tendency and replacing each “cop out” or “comfort zone only” behavior with a brave new step. I personally have used EFT Tapping and Access Consciousness Clearings to help shift the energy around these activities. Create goals for things like live events or landing a guest-speaking spot. (E.g. “Approach one unfamiliar presenter at this live event and try to chat for five minutes”.)

Not only do you make more connections that way: This can really break old, non-effective cycles, boost your self-confidence—and enhance your visibility.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Of course, there’s no use doing backflips to raise your visibility if you’ve got nothing to offer. Make sure your entrepreneurial persona and business reflect a strong, single-focus and specific mission. What can you share or help with that no one else can do—or can do quite as effectively or simply?

What is your “big difference”?

Hint: When you find your specialty/big benefit, its identifier will be specific keywords. Be sure to include these in links, ALT text, photo filenames and headlines.

Don’t Ignore Your Team

While you are busy attracting your ideal audience base and getting yourself noticed by those higher up on your unique food chain, don’t neglect those who work for you in any paid or volunteer capacity. That includes affiliates, staff members and freelancers.

As your prominence (and workload) rises or even as you become more passive-income driven and less hands-on, you may find yourself taking them for granted, secure in the knowledge that your behind-the-scenes team runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to that powerhouse project manager you hired.

While this may be true, remember that those closest to your business can be your most vocal and sincere supporters. Reward your affiliates. Provide goodies and resources. Make it easy for them to support and praise you. Talk to them. Pay attention to your Facebook Page. Congratulate them on achievements. Create fun contests for them. This won’t just please your affiliates—it can create trust and goodwill in those who follow you or have just “noticed” you as they see how others trust and interact with you. If you never visit your Facebook Page or decrease habitual team interaction, you unwittingly send the message that you are too good to hang out with your affiliates and team members. Even if it’s just that you’re too busy, don’t neglect them—maintain some consistency in communication and remember that interaction is golden.

And no matter how “big” you become, remember that a personal word from you reassures staff members and contractors that they are still important parts of your team. You’ll get their best efforts if you let them know they are valued.

Create V.I.P. Products and Packages

When people really connect with you, they are often looking for a deeper degree of support and access to you. Provide this not with more hours, but by scheduling in V.I.P. packages and programs such as one-on-one V.I.P days (coaching intensives, split into three sessions in one day, with breaks and/or homework in between), exclusive, high-ticket V.I.P Insider’s Clubs or Mastermind Retreats.

Not only will this boost your profits, it will also increase your reputation—and attract action-taker clients (the best sort to have)!  If you need help planning or selling any of these please reach out – we’ve got a Planner for each as well as comprehensive courses and private coaching around each of these topics.

Write a Book

Yes, having a book you can talk about and promote does still give you added importance to the right audience, conferring instant authority status.

Three important steps to take:

  • Make sure you write a focused book about your mission topic or specialty—this will become your “signature” book
  • Even if you write for Kindle, make sure you create an on-demand print version too
  • Create an author page and a promo schedule. Be sure to check out our Bestseller Magic Bullet program if you’re looking to turn your book into a bestseller.

Find a JV Partner

When you have a new product or package to offer, consider the advantages of finding a more prominent joint venture partner—particularly if your visibility is low.

Just remember, however, that top influencers won’t even look at you (unless you’ve just invented the product of the century for their exact audience) if your email list is less than 3,000-6,000 subscribers.

That’s where in-person networking at live events comes in. It is much easier to convince someone you’ve really “clicked” with personally than sending out cold-call letters.  If you haven’t checked out our Affiliate Marketing P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Planner it might be time to do so!

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is not what it used to be: It is now geared for serious advertisers, and you haven’t a hope of reaching a wide but focused audience without budgeting for Facebook Ads.

Facebook has a variety of options, so don’t make the mistake of just boosting a couple of posts. Create a strategy—and track your results.  If you need help with creating a successful Facebook Ads Sales Funnel check out our Planner.


This is true in every aspect of profile-raising. These are just twenty-one proven strategies you can choose to employ. No matter which strategies you decide on, do remember to track your results. And if a strategy is not working as it should, tweak it, and if still no joy, discard it and concentrate on the next.  Most importantly, don’t cut the energy off of your creation because you don’t think it’s working. Knowing how to create from a place of possibility instead of lack and limitation could produce the easiest and most profound results you’ve ever experienced.

Raising your visibility requires dancing on the fine line between strategy and authenticity. Use common sense and pay attention to what works—and what doesn’t.

Do that, and it won’t be long till you’ll see the results in your profits.

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