Once you’ve taken care of the basics of setting up and promoting your webinar, there are a variety of ways to enhance engagement from your ideal audience. Try some or all of these twenty-one suggestions—and see which ones work best for you.

Create a Posting Schedule

Don’t rely on your memory to make sure you plug your webinar at every opportunity. Create a Schedule, and make sure you tick off the boxes every day.  If you need help creating status updates that are exciting and engaging check out this free resource – 101 Status Updates.

Use Promo Prompts

Keep a Notepad file containing pre-written calls to action open on your desktop. You can refer to this quickly add the best call to action type to any email, blog post, social post or conversation. Not only will this save you time, it will help you establish the habit of using calls to action.  If you don’t have a swipe file of calls-to-action started – download these: 15 Calls to Action.



Be Aware of Peak Webinar Days

According to HubSpot, the most popular days for webinars are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (with weekends being the least preferred among audiences). So keep this cycle in mind, when planning your webinar.



Follow Your Competitors—and Their Webinars

Keep an eye on your niche and industry and be aware of webinar times. Follow your competitors—and avoid scheduling webinars that conflict with theirs.



Appeal to Your Attendee’s Emotions

Use powerful words and images that trigger associations, memories, visions, dreams—speak to your ideal audience member’s emotions.



Make Sure Your Webinar Contains at Least One Priceless Takeaway

Even if an attendee declines your offer at this time, make sure she becomes your subscriber and remembers your name by including at least one high-value takeaway piece of information—something that will be transformative in moving her closer to where she wants to go.


Set a Clear Goal

You may be tempted to unload a maelstrom of information on your webinar audience. Don’t. You’ll dilute your message and end up confusing them.

Instead, set a clear goal for your webinar. Focus on ONE major task you will help your attendees to accomplish, and show them how to ace that task—one step at a time.


Capture Your Webinar Ideas

This first webinar you are creating should just be the beginning! Keep a notebook or recording device with you at all times: You will most likely find you are liable to have your best ideas for future webinar topics and angles when not actually sitting at your desk!



Use Cue Cards

Rather than writing a complete script, trying writing the key points down that you want to cover on numbered index cards. Use these as “prompts” while speaking—they are easy to refer to, out of sight of the camera.

Using cue cards as reminders rather than reading from or memorizing a fixed script will help you keep your webinar lively, active and natural.

Ask a Question

Identify the key question that your ideal attendee is asking herself. Ask it on your landing page—and promise the answer.

Just make sure you give it in the webinar!


Rehearse Your Webinar

One of the worst things you can do—no matter how much people seem to be enjoying your webinar and how many questions they ask—is run overtime. If you do this, people will begin to bail before you’ve had a chance to present your call to action—and the ones left asking questions are usually the ones intent on doing what you’re teaching for free.

So rehearse your webinar. Make sure it allows you plenty of time for Q&A—and plenty of time to present your offer.

Use Visual Aids in Your Landing Pages

Don’t just be a talking head. Use slides, mini-videos, photographs, charts or graphics to enhance your presentation (and help keep your main points clear).

Then use screenshots of your most powerful images or stats in your landing page.


Provide Suggested Promo Emails for Your Affiliates and Co-Hosts

Write promotional emails for your webinar and present them to your affiliates and co-hosts as “suggested promo emails”. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for guests and affiliates to promote you!


Make Sure a Webinar Format is the Best Choice for Your Audience

Don’t just create a webinar because everyone else is. Find out in advance what type of learning style your ideal attendee favors.

Promote your webinar with podcasts, video, sound clips and articles—and test to see which medium received the most response.

Give a Mini-Taste of Your Webinar

Try out your webinar software by recording a mini-webinar. Try sharing one simple tip or technique. Offer this to your email list. Gauge their responses to it—and put a sign up for your main webinar right in the mini-webinar presentation page.



Get Others to Promote your Webinar

If you are new to presenting webinars, acquiring a recognized expert as your guest, co-host or co-presenter is a powerful way to boost the appeal of your webinar. Ask those you already know and follow—and be prepared to prove how efficiently you will promote their presence in your webinar.



Give Away for Free What Others Are Charging for

Is there a really hot topic right now that your competitors are charging high-end prices for?

Offer a webinar showing your audience how to do a significant portion of what’s being taught for high prices—free.

Then use this as a promotional tool for promoting one of those high end courses as an affiliate.

Be Proactive in Attracting Powerful Co-hosts or Guests

Don’t wait for people to approach you—find out who in your niche or industry is about to launch a program or product, and offer to interview them on your webinar.

Similarly, look for whoever is making the rounds of co-hosting with other peers right now, and offer to be one of their presenters.

Same Time, Same Channel

Consider making your webinars a regular feature, held at the same time on the same day every week. Doing this not only provides consistency and creates a viewer habit, but also acts as a powerful branding tool.



Let Peers Know You Are Looking for Guests

Put a section in your website clearly soliciting guests for your regular webinars. Use an “Application Form” tailored to be convenient and useful to both you and potential guests. Suggested fields include “Time Frame Available” “Do you Have a Launch Happening Soon?” and, of course, “Topic (be specific)”.


Create Evergreen Promotional Material for Your Regular Webinar Series

Don’t just create a landing page: Create a newsletter signup, a regularly-updated schedule of upcoming guests, an archive of past webinars, promotional emails for affiliates—and on top of such evergreen resources, do an awesome job of promoting each and every guest through email, social media and a blog interview.

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