As the creator of over 40 “Magic Bullet” programs that teach upcoming influencers like speakers, authors and coaches how to get more clients, make more money and have a lot more fun & freedom, I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve but the success of any business ALL boils down to 2 simple concepts.

Help More People 

Just like my email and blog signature says “To Your Increased Visibility and Profitability,” you don’t have a chance of making more money unless you are getting out there in front of enough of the right people.

Having a fully fleshed out product/service offering at a variety of price offerings also supports you in the mission of helping more people. It’s pretty standard for only 20% of your customer base to be able to afford higher priced offerings from you so that leaves a lot of room for more offerings at other levels of pricing and support.

Help People More

If you can focus on providing 1 solution for a single problem your ideal clients have with 1 service, then you are setting yourself up to have clients who get better results AND who are a joy to work with.

The best news is that after you solve 1 problem and they love you, it’ll be easy to support them in the next problem you know they are going to have.

For example, I can help you get more connections on LinkedIn and that’s what my LinkedIn Magic Bullet program supports you in. It teaches you what you need to do to attract the right people to you.

Now after you have those connections, you have a new problem – how do you get them to become clients? Or, maybe you have that process in place and you need to know how to hold a teleseminar or webinar that gets people to sign up for strategy sessions with you. That’s a new problem that I can support my clients in solving that really supports their success.

These 2 foundational concepts are the keys to Expanding Your Impact. They are what you need to focus on when you’re looking to get more clients and make more money as a spiritual or heart-centered entrepreneur because the core of why you started your business was because you believed in the work that you do and its ability to change people’s lives, right?

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