The thymus gland is quite often ignored even though it plays a critical role for the immune system.

In an effort to support my body in natural ways, I stumbled upon research that suggest the thymus gland can not only be use to boost our immune system but can help release fear and increase your life force energy.

The thymus gland is an irregular shaped gland, which is part of the lymphatic and endocrine system.  It is made of lymphocytes, epithelial cells and fat tissue.

The hormone thymosin is produced by the thymus, which stimulates the development of T cells.  T cells are a specific type of white blood cell that protect the body from numerous threats including viruses and infections.

It is located in your chest, behind the breast bone and between your lungs.  It has a right and left lobe.

Some people think that as adults the thymus gland is comprised primarily of fat and fibrous tissues BUT I wonder what else is possible?  I’ve found evidence to believe that it grows when we are happy and shrinks when we are stressed out.

In this guided audio, you’ll start to bring attention and awareness energetically to your thyroid and activate it’s healing powers.

The thymus is also considered a minor chakra or a higher heart chakra.  Characteristics streaming in the ray are bliss, comfort, enlightenment and breath.  It is the seat of empathy, compassion, patience, joy, peace, serenity, balanced emotions and unconditional love.

Along with the spinal cord and the adrenals, the thymus gland is directly associated with the 5 senses, to the sense of consciousness and awareness, and to the center of language.

Flowing energy through the thymus supports the processing of higher vibratory energies and the integration of an immense flow of spiritual energy in and through our physical bodies.

Flowing energy through the thymus creates a connection between your physical body and soul body.

Flowing energy through the thymus also creates a connection to the energy flows that link us to the earth and to the heavens.

Selfless, unconditional love is also an attribute of a balanced and healthy thymus.


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