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"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!" - Albert Einstein

Thank You Mr. Einstein, We Couldn't Agree More!

Choosing the entrepreneur life isn't for everyone.

And for those of us that have chosen it, you probably chose it because we didn’t want something else (like a 9-5 J.O.B.) and so you took your belief that something else was possible, that you could make money doing what you love and combined that with some advice from a popular guru or mentor.

In a lot of regards it’s worked, but if you’re here - there is something about your reality that keeps you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated.

It's time to stop feeling wrong for wanting it all.

It’s time to stop trying different things to have it all.

It’s time to stop giving away your power to others who tell you they know better.

It’s time to commit to being you and have a shit-ton of fun making an impact in this amazing world we live in.

Show Me the Profits

Is NOW the Time...

Is NOW the Time To Stop Struggling & Start Playing?

We believe that choosing the entrepreneurial path and building a business is an exercise in personal development and ultimately personal transformation.

Most of the time you hear about the struggles and sacrifices that have to be made to build a business.

But what if that journey didn't have to feel like hard work?

What if just by asking questions, the energy around your business, your personal transformation journey starts to change?

Look, no matter what you choose to do for the 'rest of your life', if you're like us, it'll be filled with learning new things and creating new adventures and experiences.

Is NOW the Time To Choose What Works for YOU?

The first choice you have to make is to STOP making yourself wrong.

Yep, that's right!

No shame, blame or guilt here.

It's ok to WANT more!

It's actually perfectly natural and normal, despite everything your parents & society conditioned you to otherwise think.

You are a unique gift to this world!

With all your education, certifications, life experience...all of it.

Especially those of you who have been told you have to 'focus on one thing' and find that absolutely impossible.

So, if you're going to stick around here, we'd like to invite you into the possibility that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU and every ounce of judgement of you - you can let go of - will only give you access to more of your power, your potency and the energy of what's required to expand your impact.

Is NOW the Time To BE or DO Entrepreneurship?

BEING an Entrepreneur is creating beyond what we see in this world.

BEING is an alignment with you.

It's an Energy, Space and Consciousness of what would create more in this world.

BEING impacts how you perceive the world, your inspirations, intuitions, awarenesses - YOUR KNOWING.

An INCREDIBLY VALUABLE SKILL for someone who wants to CREATE what has never been in this world.

DOING Entrepreneur - Choosing to start a business, follow a passion, becoming a healer, making a difference in the world, speaking on stages, getting your message out, publishing your book, leading your tribe are ACTIONS of an entrepreneur.

BEING Precedes DOING. At Expand Your Impact, we begin with the energy work the BEING before we UNDERTAKE the DOING.

Is NOW the Time To Play With the Energies of Your Business?

Your business, your products/services, your body, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions are all energy. Once you allow yourself to play with the energetic,s new possibilities show up. You gain confidence and shed old boundaries of who you are and what you can accomplish.

People that rely on DOING often require circumstances to be ‘just so’ in order to achieve satisfaction. They operate, their operating system is based on ‘how things should be’, based on what they desire or believe to be correct or the ‘right way to do things’. This reliance on external factors creates uncertainty, control and fear in the inner world. They define it that way. They create a reality where they “HAVE TO” do this.. Pretending they have ‘no choice’, victim to the choices, goals, plans and obligations of others.

The words you choose and the stories you tell yourself and others define the reality you live. Your thoughts and the attention you give them ultimately create your reality.

Want a new reality? Get a new OPERATING SYSTEM.

Is NOW the Time To Redefine What Profits Means to You, Your Body & Your Business?

Mindset + Strategy + Tactics = Profits

That makes logical, this reality business sense.  And you must align in some respects with this reality but what if I told you it only needed to be a 5% alignment.

What if the other 95% was the space you created when you reinvented what P.R.O.F.I.T.S. means to you, your body & your business???

I wonder what impact you can have on the world when you reinvent your operating system as it relates to this entrepreneurial journey.

Show Me the Profits

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