Expand Your Impact

Discover How to Shift From Unconscious Creator of Crap to 

manifestor of Magic & MIracles

a new way to Be the 5D Change

Expand Your Impact...
and Income

Change the world from the inside out.

Be More.

Do Less.

Consider this your invitation to participate in the creation of a new reality.

A reality without fear, separation or lack.

A reality anchored in a deep goodwill towards all creatures.

A change to create Heaven on Earth.

Upon acceptance of this invitation, you must activate the Divinity in yourself, assume control of your 5D Magic Wand and step into your role as co-creators with God, Universe, Spirit, Source (aka G.U.S.S.) of a powerful, equitable & sustainable reality.

The World Needs Your Combo of Crazy!

What if there was nothing wrong with you, your body or your current situation?

Activate Your 5D Magic Wand

Join other 5D Entrepreneurs in our FREE Weekly Challenges to Stop Creating 3D Crap With our Magic Wands & Start Co-Creating Miracles Beyond What We Ever Thought Was Possible

Rewire Your Brain, Heart & Body Out of the Drama & Trauma Cycle.

Serious personal growth tools through creativity & Play

Some of the tools we'll play with include:

Breath Work, Conscious Awareness, Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, HeartMath (TM), Heartwork Journaling (TM), Pilates, Radical Questioning, Trailblazing Communications (TM), Quantum Human Design (TM), Yoga

Coach Yourself Through ANY thing that causes You stress & Anxiety

By playing with us, you'll discover how easy it is to tap into the source of all your power. You'll also discover how to stop giving your power away to others and use whatever happens 'to' you to create the 5D reality you truly desire.

REgulate Your Nervous System

Stress, poor sleep, traumatic events, relationship conflicts, depression, chronic anxiety and difficultly managing frustrations are all things that cause cause our nervous systems to be dysregulated.

Meet Rev. Mande White-Pearl, MBA, CFMW, CEOC

As a P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist she helps
entrepreneurial minded individuals
STOP being emotionally constipated
creators of crap and START becoming
conscious co-creators of magic &

This usually results in more
clients, more money and more fun and

She is the author of the Best Selling
Book “Expand Your Impact With
LinkedIn” and the creator of over 40+
virtual training programs.

She is a continuous student of human consciousness, trauma release,
pilates, yoga, breathwork, access bars,
subtle body therapies, essential oils,
CBT, liminal thinking, social media
marketing, email marketing,
conscious business, neuroscience,
epigenetics, & quantum physics.

Empowering Emotionally Constipated Empathic Entrepreneurs to Consciously Create Magic & Miracles

Be More 5D. Do Less 3d.

connect @expandyourimpact

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