Who Do You Dream About Sharing the Stage With?

Or Do You Even Dare Dream???

She Wasn't Afraid Of Speaking...She Was Afraid of Dreaming About What Could Be Possible!

Meet Nancy...

Nancy has always been a natural teacher and trainer but was working a day job doing project management and other things she didn't really LOVE to do.  One day seemingly out of the blue she got two phone calls.

Phone Call #1 was from the President of the company calling to let her know they were closing down her division and she was to pack up her things and be gone by the end of the day. She was flooded with emotions but as she packed her things she felt a quiet calm come over her that this would be her last job and something better was to come. She just needed to trust herself.

Phone Call #2 was from the President of a local professional organization asking her to come next week and speak in front of 100 people and teach them about something that would help them grow their businesses. She felt so delighted about the possibility!

How Cool Is That Right?

I remember Nancy sharing with me as she was getting ready for the speaking gig...

"This is the life! I get to wake up and get dressed up to spend 2 hours at lunch teaching a room full of people something that is fun for me and get paid for it! Then come home to put back on my 'mom' hat. How does it get any better than that!"

Things worked out for Nancy and that's the kind of speaking she's done since 2009.  It's the way she gets private coaching clients and fills her training programs.

But after awhile she found herself haven spoken to every local women's group possible more than than once.  And tired of traveling outside of her local region to speak to the same sorts of groups taking time away from Hubby and the kids. 🙁

She came to me asking one of my favorite questions - What else is possible?

So I asked her "Where would you want to go speak if you could just pick from a place of pure pleasure and enjoyment?  What stages would make you proud to say you've spoken on? What speakers would you feel a bit giddy about saying you've shared the stage with?

What's Right About Fifty Shades of Crazy?

Marie, Oprah and...Nancy?

Nancy told me she'd LOVE to share the stage with Marie Forleo and Oprah and without taking a breath listed off a dozen reason why she couldn't possibly - all of which stemmed from not wanting to be seen as a failure. The energy of "why even bother" was very strong.  Have you ever felt that way?

I get it. I've been known to play with that drama and trauma to but what I've learned is that when all that crazy shows up it's not a wrongness but a rightness covered in a lot of fear and control. It's an opportunity to stay in the question and get clearer on your vision and vibrational alignment.

Start With the Dream...Then Dream Bigger!

See it's not our job to figure out the HOW and even though I can teach you who to call and how to show up on social media to be seen and those are all actions you need to take-it's really the clients who create a clear vision of what they want for the future and tune themselves to choosing what feels most joyful and in alignment with that vision in each and every moment until the dream becomes a reality.

Because I know this pattern exists for so many of my clients, I called up my friend/client and your Expand Your Impact Creativity Mentor, Nanette Saylor and asked her to put together a vision board workshop so we can gather together 10 speakers for a few hours on Tuesday, December 20 from Noon to 2 p.m. ET and play with the possibilities for the stages they want to speak on in 2017 and beyond!

Would You Come Play With Us and Create Your Own 2017 Speaking Gig Vision Board on Tuesday, December 20 from Noon - 2 p.m. via Zoom?

Virtual Attendee Regular Price: $97

Your Investment: $47

Count Me In!