Becoming Energetically Aligned With Higher Rates in 2019 Private Session


I had so much fun facilitating one of our EYI Insider’s in turning a problem with her business into an opportunity to commune further with her business on what it wanted. You can hear her transformation by clicking here.

Since finishing my Certified Facilitators coursework with Access Consciousness I’ve noticed an increased capacity to facilitate changes for people and their businesses at a much faster rate and with a much deeper impact.

If you’ve got a block or challenge that you’ve been working on in regards to raising your rates and would like some facilitation in finding a space of more ease & possibility I’d invite you to join me, for a private Symphony of Possibilities session. During our time together you will be empowered to commune more with your successful business and guided through how to work together to create your desired outcome, specifically higher rates in 2019 and beyond. After paying for your session please send an email to [email protected] to schedule your session.

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