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Few things demonstrate your expertise on a subject like a book does.

That’s why so many coaches, speakers, marketers and others choose to publish books in their niche.

But your book isn’t the only tool in your author arsenal. If you publish on Amazon, whether as a Kindle author, Create Space author, or with a traditional publishing house, you are entitled to an “Author Page.”

But many authors simply don’t take the time to make the most out of their author page, and they’re missing out—not only on an opportunity to make a great impression, but on the chance to earn more money as well.

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Here’s what the planner covers:

  • Step 1: Rock Your Author Photo
    • Exercise: Plan Your Photo Shoot
  • Step 2: Craft a Compelling Biography
    • Exercise: Write Your Author Bio
  • Step 3: Make Use of Your Events Tab
    • Exercise: Plan Your Events Calendar
  • Step 4: Video Sells
    • Exercise: Plan and Record Your Author Page Video
  • Step 5: Invite Visitors Back to Your House
    • Exercise: Plan the Blog Content to Support Your Book
  • Step 6: Start a Conversation
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Conversation Starters
  • Step 7: Spread the Word
    • Exercise: Add Your Author Page Link to Your Profiles Around the Web


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