5 Steps to Conscious Conversion


Does the thought of having a quote-unquote “selling conversation” fill you with dread?

Do you know you should be having more of these conversations, but you find yourself avoiding them… because you don’t want to be pushy, you’re (secretly) afraid of rejection or the energy always gets weird, no matter what you do?

Imagine this…

Instead of anxiety, you actually get excited about having conversations with potential clients… and love them them soooo much that you actually show up relaxed and ready to authentically connect with your potential client and be of great service to them – without ANY fear of being “salesy” because… hello, that would never happen.

Can you imagine how many more clients you’d have, people you could help and money you’d make in THAT scenario?

Here’s the truth: your ability to have sacred selling conversations is THE essential key to having a thriving business.

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