5 Simple Steps to Getting More Speaking Gigs From LinkedIn

By: Mande White-Pearl

Do you love to speak?

Are you committed to growing your business doing what you love?

Do you want to become a highly sought after speaker?

Do you want to become a highly paid speaker?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then I invite you to open yourself up to the possibilities to get paid and speak-to-sell speaking engagements using LinkedIn.

While you are probably familiar with getting yourself signed up for speaker’s bureaus or trying to hire an assistant to help get you booked both of those methods put the power in someone else’s hands which can often result in problems down the road.

But spending time building relationships on LinkedIn and then taking those relationships onto your own list will bring you lots of opportunities for success.

I know this from my own experience. I’ve shared the stage with notables such as Frank Kern, Sally Hogshead, Andy Sernovitz, Peter Shankman and Barbara Corcoran.

I’ve spoken on stages big and small all over the world and continually turn each engagement into healthy 5 and 6 figure paydays.

Today I want to share with you the 5 Simple Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements from LinkedIn.

Step 1: Crafting a Profitable Profile That Speaks to the Problem You Solve

First, you must craft for yourself a profile that speaks to the problem that you as a speaker solve for your client. It pains me to see speakers clumping together all the types of speaking they do together into one single LinkedIn Profile headline and/or experience listing. Check out this one:

For myself and the clients I work with, we focus on setting up systems to get booked for one type of gig every 30-days.

Here's an example of the LinkedIn Experience listing I created when my team was focused on getting me booked as a Telesummit Guest Speaker.

Here's an example of the LinkedIn Experience listing I created when my team was focused on getting me booked as a Professional Association Keynote Speaker.

Don't misunderstand me here. I'm not saying to only focus on one type of gig FOREVER on LinkedIn.  I'm simply breaking down your goal of getting booked into 30-day segments so that you can create systems and structures around what works before we move onto the next thing.

And it has been my experience that if you are clear with the Universe about what you want - the HOW it shows up is always different than you expected but it takes taking clear action to get you in alignment with receiving what you want.  I have made this system work for me and my clients, so please open yourself up to being just a tab bit coachable here!

If you'd like some help getting clear about the PERSON who is looking to book you and the PROBLEM they are trying to solve so that you can start to craft the copy that will educate them that you are the person to hire check out my Free Download: Your 30-Day Get Yourself Booked Profit Plan - How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Get Booked

Step 2: Make More Connections

Next, you need to start connecting with people who book speakers. Here are a few ideas:

Meeting Planners

To start with just browse how people are using the term "Meeting Planner" on LinkedIn and then see if you can narrow down what type of meeting planner would be the best to book you.  This is especially true if you are looking to focus on a particular niche or industry.

Association Members

If you're looking for Speak-to-Sell gigs (my favorite) then you'll want to build up your connections to Association Members like the President, Vice President, and/or Programming Director.  The challenge with groups like NAWBO, ABWA and Femfessionals is that they change board positions every year so sometimes you'll need to leverage more than one connection to get booked.

But one of the best benefits of my system is that years later, because of the relationships you've built, you'll make life-long connections who will book you wherever they go!

You'll also note, that some people spell out the group they belong to like "National Association of Women Business Owners" and some use the acronym "NAWBO". Be sure to search on both and connect with all!

Group Members

While not my favorite way - connecting with members of groups who talk about booking speakings is another tactic to add to your toolbox.

As an added benefit, belonging to groups like this will allow you to connect with people who are outside of your 2nd degree connections. Being a part of the same group is a sneaky trick - LinkedIn let's you leverage!

Does this start to give you some ideas of the amazing opportunities available to you on LinkedIn?

Do you see that after your profile speaks to the problems the person who would book you has that making daily connection requests to these types of people might get you on your way to getting booked??

Check out my Free Download: Your 30-Day Get Booked Profit Plan - How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Get Booked to learn about a software program that will automate this daily connection process!

Step 3: Create Content to Care For Your Connections

Your third step will be to start creating content to care for these new connections.

Content that speaks to the types of speaking gigs you do and the results that you can produce as a speaker.

For my experience listing that invites people to book me as a guest on their telesummit I speak to the benefits I bring to the table as a telesummit speaker.

For example:

For groups that like to see Speaker One Sheets I add images of those to my experience listing like this:

Content isn't just for your experience listing either.

Make sure you create evergreen updates that can be scheduled out through MeetEdgar or Hootsuite that highlight you in action.

Like this post that shares my favorite 15-minute speaking gig that generated me over $30,000 in clients with a week of the event and more than $20,000 in recurring revenues.

Want some more ideas and examples of content to include in your experience listings and status updates?

Check out my Free Download: Your 30-Day Get Booked Profit Plan - How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Get Booked.

Step 4: Funnel Prospects Into Your Profit Pipelines

After you create and share this great content you need to think about the next step you want someone to take.

Most of the time this is going to mean getting on the phone with your new LinkedIn connection and finding out about the speaking opportunity they have and if it’s a fit for you or not. Or sometimes it’s just about starting the relationship building process.

If you're just starting out you'll want to approach each of these opportunities as they come and keep good notes as to what someone asks for or needs.  For me these times have provided me the push I needed to get the one-sheet done or the speaker reel made so that I can provide it.

Now if you're in the speak-to-sell world, connecting with your audience attendees after the gig is a critical step in the conversion process. Here's a peak at all the steps I take to monetize a free speaking gig into 5+ figures.

Want some more ideas and examples of how to funnel connections into your funnels? Check out my Free Download: Your 30-Day Get Booked Profit Plan - How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Get Booked.

Step 5: Create Systems for Sanity & Success

Your last step in this process is to create systems for yourself and your team that you can use to work these steps while you are actually on stage. Software and assistants can help with making connections for you and setting up appointments.

Writers can take the content in your speeches and help you turn that into written content.

Infusionsoft can help you automate the follow up processes with those who are in your audiences and help you nurture them until they are ready to work with you.

Does that start to open your eyes to the possibilities that exist for getting paid and speak-to-sell engagements from LinkedIn? I sure hope so!

If you'd like to dive deeper into the possibilities with me, be sure to Click Here to Download Your 30-Day Get Booked Profit Plan - How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Get Booked

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