Implementation Lab How to Build Your Profit Attracting Website with OptimizePress

Do you need a website that you can feel confident will produce profits for you either by being an invitation to potential high ticket clients or by selling information products?


If yes, check out this opportunity to join be expertly guided by Mande, Ron and their amazing team…

How to Build Your Profit Attracting Website With OptimizePress

This Implementation Lab is specifically designed for busy coaches, consultants, authors, healers and speakers to help you create, one page at a time, a brochure style website that clearly communicates your uniqueness and helps solidify your place as a recognized authority figure.

At the end of our journey together we will have created a marketing asset for your business that you can utilize for years to come. I say journey because this isn’t something you can just throw up in a few days.  Getting the right words, understanding the technology of how someone gets to your website and how they navigate ‘around’ your website is a process that will unfold during the time we work together.

Working through this process will help you get clear on several areas of your business and future marketing efforts.  I encourage you to be patient with yourself in the process.  I’m here if you get stuck, overwhelmed or annoyed in the process.

There are 3 phases to this program.



Design & Navigation of the Site

Since everyone in the class with be using OptimizePress, we’ll be following very simple design and navigation options.  By limiting the options you’ll be able to get the site up quicker and with some simple graphics we can start making $.  Once you get more $ then we can invest in fancier customization of your OptimizePress theme.  By participating in the Implementation Labs, you’ll feel very confident in being able to Post Your Own Blogs With Images, Make a New Page on Your Website, Change Your Primary Navigation, Add Shopping Cart Buttons to Your Site, Add Images and Opt In Boxes, and more with total ease.


Writing Content for Pages/Posts

We’ll start with writing the basic pages of a service professionals website:

  • Who We Work With
  • How We Work
  • Services & Programs
  • Case Studies & Testimonials
  • About
  • Contact
  • Free Stuff
  • Free Gift Opt In
  • Awesome Offer Mini Sales Page

Then we’ll work together to craft 5 Pillar Blog Posts that share your philosophy on what makes you awesome and different and the right choice to solve your ideal clients.  We’ll make sure to craft you a blog post that gets you strategy sessions like this one. As a bonus I’ll include my master class on How to Set Up An Evergreen Strategy Session Social Media Funnel.  I’ll also help you craft a blog post that invites people to sign up for your list by requesting your free gift like this post.


SEO + Reputation Management

Once you have a website that allows prospects to get to know, like and trust you we need to make sure people who are looking for you can find you.  While SEO and Reputation Management are on-going activities we’ll lay the groundwork for you to get found when someone “Google”s you.


Here’s How We’ll Play Together

  • Weekly 45-Minute Zoominars Led By Mande or Ron With Screen Share to Get Things Done
  • Private Facebook Group to Mastermind Between Calls
  • MP4 Recordings of Zoominars to Watch Again and Again
  • Unannounced Bonuses!


Here Are Some Sample Websites We’re Looking to Model:







Who Is This Program For

If you have been thinking about your website more than you have been implementing, this program is for you.

If you suffer from any sort of perfectionism or procrastination and you need accountability to get things done, this program is for you.

If you’d like to shortcut your way to building trust with potential high-ticket clients, this program is for you.

If you’d like to start making money selling information products from your website while you are attracting potential high-ticket clients, this program is for you.

Your Next Steps

If you hired a website designed you’d probably pay at least $500 but more like $1,000+ just to have it created for you.  Hiring someone to do the copy writing for you would be an additional $1,000+.  And it’s a never ending process.  Your website will need to be attended to on a weekly basis if you are looking to be an online business owner.

This Implementation Lab is structured to be something that supports you for an entire year with weekly accountability and support to get things done.  Our focus as your mentors and guides is to get you to $ as quickly as possible and then uplevel to keep increasing the money you can receive.

The investment for 12-months of the Website Implementation Lab is $997 Pay in Full or 12 Payments of $97.  Questions?  Call 888.423.5960. Be sure to ask us about a discount on this class when you enroll in 6 or more Implementation Labs.