Happy 4th of July – Pics + Surprise

*****Happy 4th of July!*****

We’re also celebrating this month because it’s the Expand Your Impact Community is 5 years old!  Wooohoo! 

Together We’re Over:

  • 30,000 email subscribers
  • 10,000 Facebook Friends
  • 9,000 LinkedIn Friends
  • Plus Intagram, Pinterest & Twitter!

Wooohoooo! Feel free to drink something alcoholic and festive in celebration. And THANK YOU! We wouldn’t be here without you.  I’ll be spending some time today reflecting on all my adventures meeting you or learning how to show up in your world!

And to reflect that just a little BEFORE 5 years ago…

Beginning of 2012, I was in the muck of wondering if it was possible to create the life of my dreams.

I doubted my worth.

I doubted my desires.

I doubted the value I provided to the world…much less just the value of BEING me!

I doubted myself

Honestly, could I trust myself enough to believe in my dreams and do whatever it takes to make them happen, even when everyone else around me told me it wasn’t possible?

But something inside me nagged -there has to be MORE than this…if ‘he’ can do it or ‘she’ can do it…there must be some way I can figure it out.  I can’t keep living like this. I can’t keep struggling and letting my fear stop me.

I want to make a BIG impact on this world!!! 

Once I choose me, instead of the distraction of fear, I was able to take actions that were in alignment with what I wanted even though I was stepping away from everything I knew to be safe.

I asked my husband for a divorce.

I asked my business partner for a ‘divorce’.

I ended my associate coaching part-time position.

I prayed a little tiny prayer.

“Please can Penelope and I have a little beach side room to stay in during the summer until we figure out what’s next?  I believe I can do this – I just need a little time to think. I”m trusting that if I take this leap of faith there will a net to catch me. I’m trusting it’ll turn out better than this hell of a reality I’ve created now.”

I kid you not but that afternoon I got a call from a client who lived nearby ‘on the island’ and she asked if I would house sit starting tomorrow her neighbors 5,000 square foot home.

How does it get any better than that!??

3-months rent free in a place beyond my imagination could have thought possible!!!!!…



Penelope had never seen a bowl of water SOOOO big…


How does it get any better than that???

Well, my first 5-figure pay-in-full client ‘appeared out of no where’.

By learning to live within the uncertainity of HOW it will turn out and penetrating the fear, I’ve discovered the freedom that comes with learning to choose based on what I want.

Many of you are in our EYI Community because you want more clients, you want more money, you want to have more fun in your business – but more importantly you believe in building a business that gives you freedom.

Freedom to be you.

Freedom to serve the special way you do.

Freedom to let your woo woo out.

Freedom to BE the change the world is asking for.

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Ron and I (and Pdog) are spending the day at the beach at a fancy hotel reflecting on all the ways ya’ll have created more clients, cash, fun and freedom in your businesses in the last 5 years!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here’s to celebrating with fireworks!

-Mande & Ron (and the Profit Pooch too)

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