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Kathy Knowles

Mande's strategies for getting speaking gigs on LinkedIn are brilliant! She's the perfect blend of showing you the big picture, helping you walk through how to make it work for you (and keep it fun) and hand-holding you through the technical challenges along the way!

Kathy Knowles,
Marcella Scherer

Wow! If you're an action taker, Mande got exactly what you need. Not only has she helped me GET MORE Gigs, she's helped me monetize them with 5+ figure paydays as well as setting up systems to create information products and future revenue streams from a single gig.

Marcella Scherer,
Jaimie Skultety

Mande helped me create my first 5-figure webinar! Being a busy business owner, wife and mother I needed ways to get clients easily.  Now I'm using the strategies Mande shows in her Profit Plan to get people to watch the webinar on auto-pilot!

Jaimie Skultety,