7 Actions to Take Everyday to Expand Your Impact & Income on LinkedIn

“All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory! All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory!  All of LinkedIn networking comes to me with ease, joy & glory!”

What happens when that statement doesn’t feel like a true reality for you?

You...Read More »

Social Success Cycle

After years of helping so many amazing entrepreneurs get clients, speaking gigs, sponsors, joint venture partners and more from their social media presence, I’ve put together an overview of what’s required to be successful.

First off let’s get ourselves clear of anything that stands in the way of achieving social success...Read More »

4 Reasons Why Conscious Leaders MUST Be On LinkedIn in 2018

I’m not sure why it still surprises me that conscious entrepreneurs & leaders aren’t actively playing on LinkedIn.

So I have to ask myself “What’s right about that??!”

Maybe it’s to feel the frustration that leads to an awareness that it’s time to write a post like this for you as an...Read More »

How to Use LinkedIn Pulse the Make An Impact on Women Entrepreneurs

A huge part of the growth of women entrepreneurs stems from more women feeling empowered to ‘Make Your Mess Your Message’ and to get out there and ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’.

Moving from wanting to make an impact to knowing what action to take to...Read More »

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile That Attracts Clients

Over the last 60 days we’ve helped clients get over $250,000 in new clients and they have added over 200,000+ people to their email lists…

…all because of their LinkedIn Profiles.

We’ve TESTED different combinations of…

  • Profile Headlines
  • Experience Listing Types
  • Job Titles
  • and Calls To Action

…and we’ve perfected the process.

In this article we’ll teach you...Read More »

How to Get Speaking Engagements From LinkedIn

Do you love to speak?

Are you committed to growing your business doing what you love?

Do you want to become a highly sought after speaker?

Do you want to become a highly paid speaker?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then I invite you to open yourself up to the...Read More »