End the Feast or Famine Cycle Once And For All

The first step we must take is to end the feast or famine cycle once and for all.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

Work your tail off to get a client.

Take a deep breath and relax that you’ve got money coming in!

Get consumed by doing great work for the client that you forget or feel comfortable putting off those marketing activities (because you hate them anyway!)

Client relationship comes to a close. Sometimes you helped the client get a result and they don’t need you anymore. Sometimes it’s because something happened and you’re not a good fit anymore and sometimes you just chalk it up to “Shit Happening”.

Now what the hell are you going to do?

You’ve got bills to pay.

It’s time to ramp up that marketing again.

And you make it happen.

And the cycle starts all over again but this time you feel even more remorse for not paying attention to the marketing, as well as a little more comfort at your ability to pull something out of your ass at the last minute if you need to. But that little voice inside you says….It could be easier! Why all this drama?

TV Drama

I’m quite fond of telling my friends and family that the only place in my life I want drama is on television where I have the ability to engage with it when I want and know full well anything that’s happening to Liv on Scandal is her problem, not mine!


Are you with me?


Are you ready to leave the drama to TV and keep it out of your life?


Maybe you’ve tried before and you’re not quite sure how to make the jump.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault!

Have you ever heard that?


This statement is both a truth and a lie.


It’s true that you’ve been lead to believe this but only because it’s a lot easier to let you feel weak and powerless and sell you things than it is to remind you of your connection to Spirit and your power.

It’s part of the human journey to move from victim mentality or energy to an empowered mentality or energy.


We do this unconsciously because of the rewards of being a victim. The biggest payoff of this behavior is you get to understand how powerful you are to create when it’s necessary but you disempower yourself to think you are that powerful ALL the time.


Throughout this process I’m going to introduce you to a bunch of triangles that others have developed and I have studied over time. Putting them all together in one way has allowed me to understand how things work on a head/heart/spirit level.


My intention with sharing this with you is that you’ll start to see the inner connectedness of all this as well and it’ll help you create a quantum leap in your success.


Recognizing Just How Addicted to Drama We Are


The first triangle I want to introduce to you is based on the work of David Emerald’s “The Power of TED: The Empowerment Dynamic.” It’s adapted from Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle.


It’s based on 3 parts, each of which we play in different relationships in our lives. Let me define these parts very briefly for you so you start to get the gist.




“The central role is the Victim, in which I feel as if other people or situations are acting upon me, and I can’t do anything about it. Sometimes it feels like being attacked, and sometimes it’s just hardship. I might feel mistreated or discounted, and maybe out of control.”



“The second role is Persecutor or perpetrator in situations of abuse. The Persecutor is the perceived cause of the Victim’s woes.”



“The third role is Rescuer, the one who intervenes on behalf of the victim, to deliver the victim from harm by the Persecutor.”


Every Victim requires a Persecutor. But the Persecutor isn’t always necessarily a person. The Persecutor could also be a condition or a circumstance. A persecuting condition might be a disease, such as cancer or a heart attack or an injury. A persecuting circumstance could be a natural disaster, like a hurricane or an earthquake or a house burning down.


Whether it is subtle or intense, the effort to observe and understand this pattern is the first step in breaking the cycle of Victimhood.



  • Take your current marketing challenge and apply the triangle to the situation. Start to see where you play victim to the process as well as who/what is the Persecutor and the Rescuer.
  • Take your current ideal client and apply the triangle to their situation. Start to see where they play victim to the process as well as who/what is the Persecutor and the Rescuer.

The Victim Triangle


Taking Back the Power and Empowering

The second triangle I want to introduce to you is also based on the work of David Emerald. It is called the Empowerment Triangle.


What is the opposite of Victim? … Creator


What is the opposite of Persecutor? … Challenger


What is the opposite of Rescuer? … Coach


Let’s walk through some more definitions here. (Remember this report is just about the broad overview.)



A Creator is vision-focused and passion-motivated. To really live into your Creator self, you have to do the inner work necessary to find your own sense of purpose and passion – whatever touches your heart and holds meaning for you. Adopting a Creator stance begins simply by making a choice.



The Challenger has many faces, the most common is the one who provokes others to take action. The Challenger may be compassionate or confrontational, or both. A Challenger calls forth a Creator’s will to create, often spurring him or her to learn new skills, make difficult decisions or do whatever is necessary to manifest a dream or desire.



The Coach supports, assists, and facilitates a Creator in manifesting a desired outcome. A Coach holds others to be whole, resourceful, and creative. Coaches don’t regard those who turn to them for support as somehow broken or in need of fixing, which is the Rescuer’s viewpoint. Instead, a Coach helps others see new possibilities and helps them dare to dream.



  • Take your current marketing challenge and apply the Empowerment Triangle to the situation. Start to see where you could step into the role of Creator in the process as well as who/what is the Challenger and the Coach.
  • Take your current ideal client and apply the Empowerment Triangle to their situation. Start to see where they could step into the role of Creator in the process as well as who/what is the Challenger and the Coach.

The Empowerment Triangle


The Choice is Yours

Are you ready to be the Creator of a phenomenally fun and rewarding business?


If YES!, then we’re ready to jump to our next section and seek to make sense of the insanity that is MARKETING!


Should you be Tweeting, Posting, Podcasting, Poking, Pinning, Blogging, Speaking, Networking, or Advertising?


It’s enough to drive ANYONE insane.


Now I’ve spent years helping clients in 19 different industries build 6 and 7 figure businesses and I’ve successfully and unsuccessfully tried almost every kind of marketing there could possibly be. And as it comes time to market work that is transformationally based like mine and those of the clients who work with me privately, we often have to wrestle with morals and ethics of that in efforts to avoid feeling like we’re chasing down clients.



If I’m the Creator, I’m going to do this with a sense of balance and authenticity.


Who’s with me?


And that’s what Alchemy is about…that just-right blend of masculine and feminine strategies that allow you to receive more clients that you could ever imagine and never enough.