Why LinkedIn?

Because People Who Are Professionally Minded Hang Out on LinkedIn and Are Looking to Connect With People Who Can Help Them Grow Their Businesses and Make It More Profitable…

If you can help them make more money by the unique combination of voo doo that you do, you can charge more money than you previously thought possible.

There is NOTHING better than being well-paid and appreciated for doing exactly what you love doing, right? Here's to getting paid to BE you and change the world!

4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Such A Big Deal For Entrepreneurs Who Want 6+ Figure Businesses That Change the World?

Microsoft Bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26 Billion Dollars

That means it's NOT going away, if fact it means it's only going to get stronger and better! Might as well join the party now so you're ahead of the crowds.  Let me put it another way...have you noticed that everyone and their dogs are running Facebook Ads right now? How has that worked out for you? Think the price is higher and the response is lower because more people are competing for the attention and dollars of the same prospects you are?

277 Million Influential, Affluent and Educated People Are On LinkedIn

Who doesn't want clients who can refer plenty MORE clients and have NO problems investing in themselves and their businesses IF it means it'll help them make more money??  The only thing between you and them right now is HOW you talk about how you can help them, right?

44% Percentage of Millionaires Use LinkedIn

What else is possible than feeling bad about asking someone who is making $35/hour to pay you $150 for a session?  Asking someone who makes $1,000/hour to pay you $150 for a session that'll help him save or make 10x more than that! What energy, space and consciousness can you, your body and your business be to create that reality with total ease?

13% of LinkedIn Users Do NOT Have a Facebook Account

Remember that quote by Jim Rohn "Poor people have big TV's. Rich people have big libraries." Could it be true that our Influential, Affluent and Educated LinkedIn users don't waste time on Facebook ranting about politics or watching cat videos?  I wonder what it would be like to have more clients who were focused on doing whatever it takes to get the change they are looking for?

What's a LinkedIn Profit Plan?

A LinkedIn Profit Plan Consists of 5 Simple Steps That are Customized with the Systems and the Strategies You Need to Implement to Increase Your Visibility and Profitability with Total Ease.

Craft A Profitable Profile

There are 3 main parts to crafting a profitable LinkedIn profile. You'll need to write a compelling SUMMARY, an EXPERIENCE LISTING for EACH of the different things you do in your business and PROFILE HEADLINES that'll grab the attention of your ideal clients.  Don't forget to finish each experience listing with a strong call-to-action!

Make Connections

Did you know there are 7 different ways to add new LinkedIn connections to your account each day?  Creating systems that help automate the relationship building process is key to keeping you focused on what you do best and building a team that supports you as your business grows.

Create Content to Care for Your Connections

Did you know that there are 5 types of buyers?  It's important to understand what type of content to create to get the attention of those who are ready to buy from you now as well as create content that can be used to nurture the relationship with people who need to get to know you better before they sign up to work with you.  Most entrepreneurs create content for the first type but get overwhelmed before they address the other 3 types.  With a little bit of guidance creating content can be fun and easy.  You'll love seeing the results of your email list growing and sales in your shopping cart!

Filling Your Pipeline to Profits

Creating multiple revenue streams and a steady flow of prospects wanting to be clients takes a bit of testing and finding out what works best.  Our simple approach to fleshing out sales funnels will leave you feeling excited about the possibilities to serve in a much bigger and more impactful way.

Systems for Sanity

After all the main assets are in place it's time to crate a schedule for yourself and your team to keep the machine running and make adjustments as necessary.  Having a dashboard to track your progress and success metrics is critical!

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Who Needs a LinkedIn Profit Plan?

Anyone Looking To Be Well Paid for the Unique Combination Of Awesomeness No One Else On The Planet Can Be?

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Speak-to-Sell Speakers
  • Authors
  • Coaches (Life, Executive, Transformational, etc.)
  • Consultants
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Planners
  • Healers & Energy Workers
  • and other Service Based Professionals
  • Workshop Leaders
  • Mastermind Leaders
  • Retreat Leaders
  • Career Coaches
  • Pilates, Yoga & Other Movement Instructors
  • Direct Selling Business Builders
  • Networking Marketing Professionals
  • Affiliate Marketing Professionals
  • Information Product Creators
  • and other Industry Thought Leaders
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