If They Can Do It...So Can You!

Here's some samples of our course participants work...

Leah Jackman-Wheitner

Mande White-Pearl is amazing.  That's not hyperbole; that's the truth.

I joined Mande's LinkedIn Profit Program to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively to connect with potential clients.  Mande has delivered 25X more than she promised.

In 30 days, we learned an entirely different way to think about how to describe our businesses and our strengths on LinkedIn.  Mande teaches principles and has you draft components.  Then she walks you through each step - reviewing, tweaking, making suggestions about wording, framing our offers, adjusting our positioning, and even suggesting punctuation changes.  I trust that when she signs off on one of my steps, that I'm good.  Her specific help and suggestions have helped me get out of my head and stop worrying about doing it right.  I draft it; she helps me shift it to where it's going to really connect with my clients and prospects.

I love theory, but I can get stuck in theory if I don't have a guide.  Mande gets theory and explains the rationale and big picture, then she holds your hand through step-by-step implementation.

This was beyond what I had hoped for when I signed up.  I expected a model and directions about implementation.  I didn't expect such specific help and advice crafted for my business.

Mande's model is hugely helpful if you have multiple aspects of your business or services that feel jumbled under one LinkedIn experience listing.  The first piece of advice she gave regarding separating our experience listings was worth the entire program because it immediately expanded my reach.

When one of our group members is stuck, she shifts gears and uses mindset techniques to clear the situation so that we let go of the challenge and implement the next steps.  I joined for the content, but the mindset and clearing process has been an invaluable aspect of the program.  Very few coaches have the skill to shift so effortlessly back and forth between suggesting a grammatical change and shifting a person from their self-doubt.  The tangible and the ethereal flow equally well for Mande, and you will benefit from that in ways you don't predict.

If you want to use LinkedIn more effectively, this program is for you.

If you want to get unstuck and out of your head so that you *can* use LinkedIn more effectively, this program is for you.

AND - by virtue of Mande's modeling - you learn to put together programs, products, and take massive action.

If you have many programs, products, or ideas that you can't figure out how to give birth to, this program is definitely for you.  Even if your LinkedIn profile is already great, take this program so that you see a real-life model of expansive giving, expansive creation, and expansive impact.

Thanks, Mande.  It has been more than I ever could have hoped.

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