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Join hundreds of members who have transformed the way they find, connect and engage with their target market on LinkedIn.

Linda Zuk Linda Zuk,

Within 3 weeks of posting my new LinkedIn Profile Experience Listing that I learned how to do in Module 1, I received a phone call from a client who found me and called me up ready to hire me to Facilitate a Mastermind Retreat for their executive team.

Leah Jackman-Wheitner Leah Jackman-Wheitner

I love theory, but I can get stuck in theory if I don't have a guide. This program explains the why as well as the big picture and guides you step-by-step through implementing. This program is beyond what I had hoped for and has generated me many speaking engagements, clients and media attention.

Kathleen Tamburino Kathleen Tamburino,

I get 5-6 new clients each week after implementing the steps outlined in this program.  I also get 20+ new connections each day! That's better than having to get dressed up and attend a networking event - I can do this from the comfort of my home office as I travel around the world!

Victoria Travis Victoria Travis,

Since working through the program I've gained a whole new appreciation for how much value I provide in the market.  I'm now attracting many different types of clients from my daily presence on LinkedIn and I have someone on my team who takes what we've learned in the program and does all the 'dirty' work for me - so all I have to focus on is closing new clients!

Are You Struggling to Generate Leads Consistently?

Do You Find It Difficult To Get Your Message In Front of Decision Makers?

Are Your Ready to Expand Your Impact & Income?

Enroll into the program and learn a simple 5 step system you can start implementing today to get clarity around your overall strategy, how to grow your network of targeted contacts and then turn those contacts into leads and business opportunities by implementing your very own marketing campaign.


  • Paid & Speak-to-Sell Gigs

  • Private Clients

  • List Building

5 Steps to LinkedIn Mastery...

Step 1 is to Be More Attractive to ALL the Revenue Streams You Desire

For any marketing campaign to be successful you first need a plan and LinkedIn is no different. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. This is the first step in really mastering LinkedIn. Lets get you clear on who you are and how you can solve problems for people who will happily pay you. And if you are a speaker, author, coach then we need to start being really clear with the Universe that you're ready to receive and not confuse it or block your rightful abundance.appily pay!

Here's What You'll Learn...

You'll Internalize the BIG PICTURE Lessons and Strategies Needed to Execute a LinkedIn Profit Plan

What does it really take to set up systems that generate you 5+ figures per month from LinkedIn?  During this module we'll get you started on what's really required and help guide you through making any shifts that might keep you stuck later.  I'll show you plenty of examples of how other clients have made shifts and implemented the techniques with success.

Create an Experience Listing for Each "Hat" You Wear

For each "hat" you wear in your business there is a different problem/person/solution set. I'll provide you with the top 12 experience listings that Coaches, Authors and Speakers need and help you pick 3 to get started working on. Once you master those 3 you can come back and implement any of the other templates when you have something new you want to let the world know that you are up to!

Create a Benefit Rich Headline

While you are probably used to writing Coach/Author/Speaker etc as your LinkedIn profile headline that doesn't speak to the problems you can solve for the people that are looking to pay top dollar to hire you.  I'll provide you with fill-in-the-blank templates to get you started then show you some examples of how clients like you are talking about themselves.  You'll be attracting clients in record time.

Create a Call-to-Action For Each Experience Listing

While we want to engage with as many LinkedIn connections as possible the real goal of your experience listing is to get someone to move to calling you, visiting your website to read your blog or signing up for your free gift + newsletter subscription. I'll show you some examples of what great calls to action look like so you can start seeing "LinkedIn" as the top referrer of traffic to your website!

Step 2 is to Connect With 10-20 New Prospects Per Day

With a plan in place, the connect step is all about finding, connecting and engaging with your target market with the aim to take those conversation off LinkedIn and into your overall sales process.  With over 467 million members all over the world - there is no shortage for opportunities.

Here's What You'll Learn...

Connect With People You Meet At Networking Events

For every hour you spend AT a networking event you need to plan on at least an hour of follow up time and this should include connecting with the person on LinkedIn.  Even if you pull your phone out at the event and connect while you are together - you'll want to put in place some systems that your team can follow through on to get those connections moving into your LinkedIn Pipeline to Profits!

Connect With People You Meet in Programs You Participate In

I'm sure there are other programs you've bought from other 'gurus' right?  And they all have private Facebook Groups right?  I hope you are connecting with those people on Facebook but what if you also invited them to connect with you on LinkedIn?  This is a great task for a virtual assistant to handle!

Uploading Lists to LinkedIn

Did you know that you can upload a list of prospects into LinkedIn and ask them to connect?  I'd recommend uploading your email list or client list.  I'll also give you a few other sneaky tricks to acquiring lists of your own.

What's the First Step to Take After Someone Connects?

In this section we'll talk about prioritizing your prospects in such a way that we help them find the shortest path to working with us while still taking care of those that need a little more time and nurturing.  I'll show you client examples as well as take you behind the scenes of my business and my agency clients.

Step 3 is to Up Your Social Influencing Game

Now that you're steadily generating 10-20 new leads per day it's time to start automating your relationship building systems so you can keep doing what you do best! We'll also show you how to turn all that teaching you do into something that continuously lets people know how working with you will totally transform their lives.  Growing your social influence is about becoming an industry expert.

Conscious Content Creation for Social Influence My 9-Step System

Use my 9-step system to walk you step by step through the content that needs to be created to INFLUENCE your connections and invite them into the next step of working with you.  Repeat this process over and over again for each launch or project you are working on.

Creating Pillar Blog Posts for LinkedIn Pulse

Creating content that speaks to the systems that you have for tying together all of your awesomeness will allow a prospect to get to know, like and trust that you can help them much quicker.  I'll provide you templates as well as guide you through how to post, when to post and why!

Gaining More Visibility for Your Pulse Posts

I'll show you some simple techniques you can get your assistant to implement that will boost the visibility of your LinkedIn Pulse posts and get them in front of the media, corporate executives and other centers of influence.

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Status Updates

Ever struggle with what to post as a status update on  LinkedIn?  Never again with my Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Status Updates.  I'll walk you through the 3 Kinds of Status Updates, 4 Types of Status Updates, and the 4 Status Update Multipliers so you're never at a loss as to what to post to get your connections to like, comment, share and take action on your content.

Together We'll Be Customizing:

Step 4 is to Systematize Your Multiple Income Streams

In this Module we'll dive into how to create relationship-based sales funnels so that you're not having to waste your time having the same conversations over and over again.  And the BEST part of a sales funnel is that you an automate the conversion of a prospect into a client. That makes sales conversations SUPER easy because when they finally get on the phone with you, they already know you're the one who can help them!

Make a GREAT OFFER in Exchange for an Email Address

You'll need to get good at creating ways for people to receive great content from you in exchange for their email address. We'll talk about giveaways, telesummits, webinars, teleseminars, free gifts, etc. and help you decide which one is going to be the best option for you to start wooing your ideal clients into working with you with total ease.

Make an AWESOME OFFER to Separate Your Buys From Those That Need More Courting

How would you like to hear the ding of money coming into your shopping cart for every few new email subscribers you get?  Would you have a problem jumping on the phone with buys as opposed to cold prospects? Probably not.  In my experience creating an immediate upsell to those that opt in for your list allows you to quickly start monetizing your efforts AND identifies prospects to follow up with.


Even if you don't have an information product created yet, I'll walk you through how to create something that can quickly be created to offer to those prospects who aren't quite ready to work with you privately at the high-ticket level.  I'll show you some of my best content creation short cuts.

Maximize Your Profits

Did you know that 10% of the people that buy your lower level offering will want to buy something that provides them with a more intimate experience of you or allows them to get results quicker and faster?  In this section I'll help you get really clear on your highest level offering something that is at least a $10,000 investment or more.  I'll also challenge you to create a $100,000 offering to open yourself up to the possibility of receiving a client who is happy to invest in that way!

Together We'll Be Customizing:

Step 5 is to Build a Support Team So You Can Be Speaking, Teaching & Coaching!

In this Module we'll give you the training you need to train an existing or new team to handle all the daily details and let you focus on the more strategic activities needed to close more deals. Systems are what saves your sanity and give you the freedom to do the things you LOVE!

Daily Dashboard

What should you be doing every single day on LinkedIn?  What should you be making sure your assistant or someone else handles? In this section I'll share with you a Daily Dashboard to help you make sure you're on track to hit your goals.

Weekly Dashboard

What activities need to be completed on a weekly basis?  What content will go out over the next few weeks to help you hit your income goals?  Who is going to take care of each of these tasks?  In this section I'll provide you with a Weekly Dashboard to keep you on track to hit your goals and see where you start to get off track and need to make a course correction.

Quarterly Dashboard

How many more connections did you add to your account? How many of those got added to your email list? How many produced revenue by investing in your AWESOME OFFER, SUPERIOR OFFER or PROFIT MAXIMIZER?  You can't improve upon what you can't track. Use this dashboard to keep yourself and your team straight.

Delivered As...

And to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get lifetime access to the LinkedIn Profit Plan Challenge.

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 1

    LIFETIME Access to the LinkedIn Profit Plan Training Vault

    Includes all lessons, modules, scripts, templates, videos and workbooks to help you implement the material at your own pace no matter your experience with social media platforms or technology. ($4,997 Value)

  • 2

    LIFETIME Access to the LinkedIn Profit Plan Community

    Connect with other conscious business owners, get all your questions answered, and overcome any obstacles along the way. This includes 24/7 LIFETIME access to personal support from my te4am of implementation specialists. So you'll have access to all the help you matter how long you need it. ($1,997 Value)

Plus These Bonuses...

  • 1

    1-on-1 Show Me the Money Session w/Mande

    What's possible for you and your business that you've never even thought possible? What would it really take to create the clients, cash, fun and freedom you truly desire? During our 45-minute private session we'll get clear on what's stopping you from create with total ease! ($495 Value)

  • 2

    6-Months Profile Copywriting Lab Session Participation

    Need some help writing your LinkedIn Profile Experience Listings or Summary? Join our Copywriting experts to uncover just the right words that'll help you present yourself more authentically and attract more of your ideal clients with total ease! ($1,997 Value)

  • 3

    6-Months Connections to Cash Lab Session Participation

    Join Mande in these interactive sessions to get your questions answered about WHO you should be connecting with on LinkedIn. In order to grow your income streams you're going to need to diversify who you connect with! ($1,997 Value)

  • 4

    6-Months Conscious Content Creation Lab Session Participation

    Join Mande as she helps you craft emails, blogs, video scripts that will be an invitation of your authentic voice to your ideal clients! After 6-months you'll have content that establishes you as an authority in your industry and the Profitable Influencer you truly be! ($1,997 Value)

  • 5

    6-Months Sales Funnel Lab Session Participation

    Join Mande as she shares her strategies for getting your new LinkedIn connections onto your email list, visiting your website, requesting you to come speak for them, asking to be your client and much more! You'll get a profitable working knowledge of landing pages, email marketing, and all kinds of other technical jargon!

  • 6

    6-Months Conscious Conversion Lab Session Participation

    Join Mande & Ron as they support you in mastering the Conscious Conversion process so that you can really set clients up for success and easily decide whether it's a fit to work together or not. Listen into other members sales conversations to hear how they overcome objections and stay of judgement of themselves and their prospects. *This BONUS ONLY Available to the Single Payment Program Participants!* ($1,997 Value)

  • 7

    6-Months Systems for Sanity Lab Session Participation

    Join Mande as she helps you get yourself a team hired and step into the role of managing the team and the systems you need to be out on stage, travel the world and spend time doing what you want! *This BONUS ONLY Available to the Single Payment Program Participants!* ($1,9997 Value)

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