Why Your Passion For Your Work Is Pushing Away 97% of Prospects

I love working with passionate entrepreneurs. People who LOVE what they do and wouldn’t think of doing anything else.  They are full believers in the possibility that you can profit from your passions. BUT, the biggest challenge they run into is openly sharing that passion and being judged or dismissed for it by the majority…

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5 Questions to Ask the Universe Everyday to Get More Clients

In a previous blog post I shared with you the 5 stages of prospect awareness and today I wanted to share with you a few simple questions to ask the Universe each an everyday to help you tap into the energy of co-creating your ideal business and life as if by magic. Most times people…

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15 Things You MUST Be Willing To Do In Order to Get What You Want

So you’ve been trying to create a lifestyle based business for a while now. You see others do it. And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy. But for some reason, success keeps eluding you. Every time you get close to building the business and the life of your dreams, something happens and…

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