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Ana Estrade

The Access work with Mande is crucial to me as I transition from the stability of a salary to the unlimited possibilities of being an entrepreneur.  I arrived to my session with all kinds of thought patterns that were limiting my ability to reach out to potential clients. With Mande’s support, the breakthrough was actually FUN! The work is precise and effortless for me, dismantling deeply ingrained social conditioning that needlessly holds me back, emotional patterns such as worrying about what my friends and family may think of me!  That seems so silly to me at this point in my life, but the unconscious patterns are insidious and appears as procrastination or avoidance that seems to come from nowhere. Getting my bars run helps me clear my mind and using the Access tools and clearing statement has transformed my frustration into confidence.  I left the session revitalized and eager to take my next steps in promoting my business as an authentic expression of Me!

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