How to Stop Selling & Start Really Changing People's Lives

You don’t have to SAVE them and enroll them in a co-dependent relationship. You can create an empowered space to help them step into the transformation they are truly looking for.   If you know how to create the space for this kind of transformation, right from the start.

Ultimately we’re going...Read More »

Developing a Magical Mindset: How to Create More Than You Ever Thought Possible With Each and Every Decision You Make

People ask me all the time why I’d create all my products to be “Magic Bullets” when other experts or guru’s claim that there is “No such thing as a magic bullet.”

Well my argument for that is simple.

The ‘Magic’ of whatever product or service you’ve bought into is in YOU!

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6 Levels of Mastery to EXPAND Your Awareness Of How You Can Serve With Ease

Now that you understand the 2 Simple Ways to Make More Money, let’s dive into the mindset shifts you must master in order to expand your awareness of how you can serve others with ease.

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2 Simple Ways to Make More Money

As the creator of over 40 “Magic Bullet” programs that teach upcoming influencers like speakers, authors and coaches how to get more clients, make more money and have a lot more fun & freedom, I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve but the success of any business ALL boils...Read More »

Why Did I Put The Expand Your Impact Community Together For You?

I put this Expand Your Impact community together because I see so many magical entrepreneurs like you, struggling to truly step into being the magic you truly be and create a truly phenomenal life.

You know you are really good at what you do, and deep down you WANT to be...Read More »

Who Else Wants More Clients, Cash, Fun & Freedom?

Have you ever been told you can’t have what you want?

Or that you ‘want’ too much?

I sure have.

Like a godzillion times!

And I let myself believe that was true for a number of years.

I even let myself be distracted by ‘getting what I wanted’ only to realize it wasn’t REALLY what...Read More »