4 Reasons Why Smart Entrepreneurs MUST Be On LinkedIn in 2017

I’m not sure why it still surprises me that conscious entrepreneurs aren’t actively playing on LinkedIn.

So I have to ask myself “What’s right about that??!”

Maybe it’s to feel the frustration that leads to an awareness that it’s time to write a post like this for you as an invitation to..

Step Away From Facebook…There Are Clients Waiting For You On LinkedIn

At least once a day I hear…

“Oh I thought only people looking for jobs were on LinkedIn”


“My clients aren’t on LinkedIn”

Or are they?

Why Conscious Entrepreneurs MUST Be on LinkedIn

People who are professionally minded hang out on LinkedIn and are looking to connect with other people who can help them grow their businesses and make them and their teams more profitable.

If you can take that unique combination of magic that only you can do and structure it in a way that helps people make more money then they will happily invest in your products & services.

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The Proof is in the Pudding (Make Mine Chocolate)

Microsoft Bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26 Billion Dollars

That means it’s NOT going away, if fact it means it’s only going to get stronger and better! Might as well join the party now so you’re ahead of the crowds and you aren’t competing for attention with political rants, cat/dog videos or Jerry Springer style drama.

277 Million Influential, Affluent and Educated People Are On LinkedIn

Who doesn’t want clients who can refer plenty MORE clients and have NO problems investing in themselves and their businesses IF it means it’ll help them make more money??  The only thing stopping them from becoming your client now is HOW you talk about how you can help them, right?

44% Percentage of Millionaires Use LinkedIn

What else is possible than feeling bad about asking someone who is making $35/hour to pay you $150 for a session?  Asking someone who makes $1,000/hour to pay you $150 for a session that will help him save or make 10x more than that! What energy, space and consciousness can you, your body and your business be to create that reality with total ease?

13% of LinkedIn Users Do NOT Have a Facebook Account

Remember that quote by Jim Rohn “Poor people have big TV’s. Rich people have big libraries.” Could it be true that our Influential, Affluent and Educated LinkedIn users don’t waste time on Facebook ranting about politics or watching cat videos?  I wonder what it would be like to have more clients who were focused on doing whatever it takes to get the change they are looking for?

I’ll be sharing more reasons why Conscious Entrepreneurs MUST be on LinkedIn in 2017 in my upcoming LIVE Master Class. Get yourself registered for the next one here.